The Winchester mansion is unlike any other haunted house in America.  Located in San Jose, California, the Winchester mansion’s interior is like a puzzle, for it is certainly hard to figure out why the estate has doors and stairs that lead to nowhere.  Perhaps, the only logical explanation for all it’s oddities was Sarah Winchester’s belief in the occult.

After Winchester’s daughter died of marasmus and her husband died from tuberculosis in 1881, Winchester consulted a medium who told her to leave her New Haven, Connecticut and move to the West to create a home for herself and the ghosts who were victims of the Winchester rifles.  She followed the clairvoyant’s advice and moved to California.

With such a big inheritance from her husband of more than US $20.5 million, she was able to create the Winchester mansion.  Since her late husband was William Wirt Winchester, the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, she inherited 50 percent ownership of the company giving her an income of $1,000 per day.  With her vast fortune, she created her estate, not only for herself but also for the perturbed spirits who were killed with Winchester rifles.

In 1884, Winchester bought an unfinished farmhouse in Santa Clara Valley that was converted and expanded into the Winchester mansion.  In order to achieve a unique design for the spirits of the Winchester rifles to find peace, the process of building the mansion was ongoing.  Construction of the estate began in 1884 till Winchester’s death on September 5, 1922.

Today the Winchester mansion, which is privately owned, is a tourist attraction.  It also has distinction, for it is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Before the 1996 earthquake, the Winchester estate had seven stories, and now it has four stories.  There are 161 rooms in Winchester, which include 40 bedrooms and many other luxuries.

Many visitors come to see the mysterious elements that make Winchester unique and priceless. Standing out among several other beautiful stained glass windows, the spider window has the most original design and was Winchester’s favorite window.  The spider window has the repetition of the number thirteen, which was probably connected to Winchester’s belief in superstition.

Other tourists are drawn to the mansion because they believe it is haunted.  The 2018 Winchester movie explores the occult nature of the estate and why all those strange doors and stairways were placed in the Winchester estate.  

Throughout the film, you can see and hear the doors close.  There are also ghosts entering the mysterious realms of the unknown through secret places in Winchester.  Helen Mirren’s brilliant performance, as Sarah Winchester, shows us that Winchester had a lifelong obsession with the ghosts of the Winchester rifles.

If you enjoy stories of old haunted houses, then Winchester will be a spooky movie for you to watch on Halloween.  Be prepared to discover the secrets of the Winchester mansion, secrets that will terrify you!