Singer/Songwriter  Will Sexton celebrated, if you can call it that, the fifth anniversary of his stroke in December 2014.  On December 1, 2009 he awoke “with a dull headache,” says Will, and he, ” realized” he continues in an interview with Austin American Statesman, “that I was having trouble piecing my words together.”  On December 3, 2009 at his gig at The Hole in the Wall he opened his mouth but the words would not come out, you see he could not remember the words to his own songs.

Will and his older brother Charlie started playing together at the Continental Club when Will was nine and Charlie was eleven. He signed with MCA records at the age of sixteen and has written for MCA, Almo Irving, A&M, and Zoo entertainment.  He played with The New Folk Underground with David Baerwald which resulted in the co-produced (with David Kitay) Lost Highway release Here Comes the New Folk Underground.  In 2001 Will released his first independent album, Scenes From Nowhere, which received a four-star review in The Austin American Statesman, and was in the top five releases of 2001 according to The Austin American Statesman.  In 2009 he released Bus Stop Gossip a previously unrecorded album which he had written in 2004.  And in 2010 while recovering from his stroke Move The Balance was released.  will has collaborated with numerous Texas artists including Joe Ely, Charlie Faye, Amy LaVere, David Baerwald, Waylon Jennings, Bill Carter and more.

The heretofore noted biographical information can all be found on  Will Sexton’s music is available on I-tunes, but I was unable to access it through his website.  I originally learned of him through The Texas Music Scene which aired last Saturday night, December 27, 2014 where he played It’s Just A Little Late for Lovin’ Me Now.  It’s Just A Little Late for Lovin’ Me Now is off of his 2010 album Move the Balance.  The title song from Move the Balance is my favorite song from Will Sexton of all of the songs of his that I’ve heard so far. I give Will Sexton four stars as well for continuing his music despite his stroke, and for his collaborations with his daughter, Finley Rose Sexton.  Praise the Lord and pass the torch.