Keanu who stars in the Sieria flick [Featured photo by Le Pape/Wiki]
Keanu stars in the in the Siberia flick [Featured photo by Le Pape/Wiki ]

Siberia flick, starring Keanu Reeves and Ana Ularu, is the perfect film to watch, especially now that the winter solstice will take place on December 21st. As it gets colder, there will be snowy days. However, it will not be as cold as in Siberia. As a romantic film and thriller, Siberia flick depicts this Russia region as one of the coldest and most mysterious places on Earth. In the Siberia movie, Keanu Reeves, who plays the role of Lucas Hill, an American merchant dealer, goes on a business trip to sell precious blue diamonds to gangster Boria Volkov, a role played by Posha D. Lynchnikoff. However, Pyotor, the contact who holds his diamonds, a role played by Boris Gulyain, goes missing. Now Hill’s business turns out to be much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Along the way, he falls passionately in love with Katya, a beautiful woman and owner of a cafe, a role played by Ana Ularu. From start to finish, Siberia movie will keep you hooked. Hill’s risky business deal parallels with the secrets of Siberia.

Before you watch the Siberia flick learning some facts about this region will make this film even more interesting. In this film, you can see it snowing and even see the wind harshly blowing. Winters in Siberia are the most brutal on Earth, and they are also very long. In January the average temperature in Siberia is -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit). Sakha and the basin of the Yana River have the lowest temperatures of all with permafrost reaching 1,493 metres. Siberia, which makes up approximately 77 percent of Russia’s total region, is home to 36 million people.

During the hunting bear hunting scene of the Siberia movie, where Hill goes hunting with Katya’s brothers, we saw a Siberian forest. Like in the film, Siberian forests are usually snow covered. Siberia has the world’s largest forests. Timber is an important source of revenue.

Mirny, which is a diamond mining town in Siberia, Russia, is also seen in the Siberia movie. Novosibirsk, which is the biggest city in Siberia, has a population of 1.5 million making it the most populous city of Siberia and the third most populous city in Russia. The highest point in Siberia is the active volcano Klyuopkachenskaya Sopka on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which peaks at 4,750 meters (15,580 ft).

Searching for those lost blue authentic diamonds is the major plot of the Siberia movie, and Siberia is famous for its diamonds. In fact, it has some of the world’s largest deposits of diamonds. In addition to diamonds, there are many other valuable resources such as nickel, gold, lead and coal – – just to name a few examples. Siberia also has untapped resources of oil and natural gas.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia is the Bridge of Four Lions, which located in St. Petersburg. The Bridge of Four Lions was even included in a scene in the Siberia movie. Lucas and Vincent (James Gracie) both meet at the Bridge of Four Lions to discuss a business deal.

The Bridge of Four Lions is a 28 metre-long pedestrian bridge that includes four cast-iron sculptures of lions which were created by P.P. Sokolov. Not only are these lions works of art, they also serve as supporting mechanisms that hold the chain of the suspension bridge. The ceremony of the Bridge of Four Lions took place on July 1826.

Today the bridge is just as popular as it was in the past. Most tourists, who visit Russia, cross the Bridge of Lions. There is even a legend about the bridge. According to the myth, rubbing the lions on the bridge will bring you good luck and financial good fortune.

Perhaps some day you will decide to travel to Siberia. Until then, you can watch the Siberia movie in the comfort and warmth of your home and will see some of the mysteries of Russia unravel before your eyes.