Vince Neil aboard the USS Iowa

Vince Neil Rocks On USS Iowa

San Pedro sizzled over the Labor Day weekend with a rock concert on board the USS Iowa honoring the men and women in our military for Fleet Week LA.

Entertainment included; a colossal fireworks show, the singing talent of Patrick Warburton and his band “The Bearded Pearl Clams”, the Oingo Boingo Dance Party, The GI’s of Comedy, and the main headliner Vince Neil of MÖTLEY CRÜE.

The incredible heat and humidity affecting Southern California the past couple of weeks did not stop avid rock fans from gathering around the stage area located on the rear deck of the Iowa.

Guests enjoyed listening and rocking out to music from the 60s, 70s and 80s from actor/comedian Patrick Warburton and his band “The Bearded Pearl Clams”. There was nothing comedic about Warburton showing off his singing talents as he jokingly remarked how he started a garage band at age 48.

However, the rest of the evening resulted with a slew of

Vince Neil performs to screaming fans on USS Iowa.

Vince Neil performs to screaming fans on USS Iowa.

technical difficulties beyond anyone’s control. The delay pushed the Oingo Boingo Dance Party, former members of the 80s Oingo Boingo Group minus Danny Elfman as lead singer, back at least a half hour from performing. But despite the evening’s technical issues, the band played on with great energy as fans danced and sang to familiar tunes such as “Deadman’s Party” and “Good Bye! Good Bye!”

The comedic talents of Army veteran Tom Tran and Marine Corp veteran James P. Connolly made up the GI’s of Comedy as they brought laughter on stage. Followed  by a fireworks show before the final performance of the evening and main headliner,Vince Neil.

Neil displayed true professionalism with his performance as he rocked it on stage to a screaming crowd despite continuing technical problems with his mic.  MÖTLEY CRÜE fans were not disappointed as Neil got up-close and personal fist bumping and handing the mic over to a few fans near the stage. Neil also made a warm and personal tribute to our nation’s military personnel as well as thanking the sailors on board the Iowa for attending the evening’s concert event.