Beyond the usual outdoor entertainment supplies and generic goods, consider some of the top Memorial Day items to include on the hottest party lists. Take summer gatherings to the next level with a few affordable ideas that are sure to get any summer party started right.

Wine and Cheese

Often consider fare for the elite, serving wine and cheese does not have to be complicated or messy. Instead of grappling with cheese platters and glass bottles, serve wine and cheese the easy way. Black Box makes an award-winning variety of boxed wines that instantly improve the reputation of this type of product. Many boxed wines are not up to snuff but Black Box is sure to please some of the most discerning palates. Serve them with pre-cut sliced apples and bunches of chilled grapes in bowls. Add John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks in an array of tasty flavors. This tasty snack featuring wine, cheese and fruit takes a fraction of the time to prepare and serve.

Amazing Music

For those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a high end stereo system, consider a waterproof speaker that won’t break the bank. The Bluetooth Splash Speaker hooks up to a smartphone and lasts for up to 4 hours of partying before it needs to be recharged. This water-resistant speaker can be used to play music or even answer the phone while everyone is splashing around in the pool or hot tub. Though there might be some commercials to endure, Pandora Internet radio is still one of the best ways to get free music on a smartphone, which can be played through the Bluetooth Splash Speaker.

A Hot Tub and Pool

The days of investing thousands of dollars into a pool and hot tub are over. Inflatable versions make these luxuries accessible to almost anyone. The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is sturdy and relaxing, with the ability to hold three or four people comfortably. For under $500, it’s a great deal that is sure to make any Memorial Day party more memorable. Intex makes a variety of Easy Set pools with a blow-up ring around the top that can be setup in less than an hour. Smaller versions are available for under $100. The combination is sure to bring plenty of hours of summer fun, even in the littlest backyards.

A Fireplace and Grill

Another must-have Memorial Day item for any party person’s list is the Durango Fireplace and Grill. For less than $150, this fireplace is also grill. From gathering around a fire to toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories to grilling up a few burgers and hot dogs, one item serves all purposes. This durable fireplace can also fit in smaller spaces, including decks and balconies.

Luxurious Wicker Furniture

One of the hottest commodities this summer is wicker backyard furniture. It can cost thousands of dollars to add one of these pieces to a backyard or deck. Wholesaler Design Furnishings is having a clearance sale with items up to 60 percent off and 2 for 1 deals. A 2-piece outdoor wicker patio furniture seating set is currently priced under $500, giving shoppers on a dime an opportunity to score a high end piece for less.

These budget-conscious products put lifestyles of the rich and famous within reach. Shoppers with champagne taste can actually make it happen on a beer budget. While everyone is having fun in the sun, remember to take time on Memorial Day to thank the dedicated veterans who made it possible by fighting for our freedom.