“Those Were the Days,” the theme song All in the Family, makes us all reminisce about our glory days.  Our youthful years will always be very special to us when we had all of those dreams.  Archie and Edith Bunker both sat at the piano and sang, “Those Were the Days.”  This simply opening of the show was just perfect to depict the average American middle class family.  As Edith played the piano beautifully, we were all inspired to think about the good times, of days long gone, that somehow will always remain with us.

Lee Adams and Charles Strouse both co-wrote the lyrics of the simple song, “Those Were the Days.”  These two lyricists both have a natural ability to create wonderful music that flows naturally from their spirits.  Throughout their careers, they worked very well together and created great compositions for musicals, plays, movies and television.

Working together to create exceptional music, they are a team that is made in heaven.  Lee Adams won a Tony Award in 1961 for Bye Bye Birdie, which was the first musical that he wrote with Charles Strouse.  Adams also won a Tony Award for Applause in 1970.  In addition to being a top lyricist, Adams was an editor for the Sunday newspaper magazine supplement, This Week.  He was also a staff member of Pageant magazine.

Charles Strouse, who is a renowned American composer and lyricist, became famous worldwide for adapting the comic strip of Annie into a hit musical.  Strouse’s song, “Tomorrow, became a phenomenal success inspiring girls globally to dream big dreams.  For the musical Annie, he won his third Tony Award and two Grammy Awards.

In 2002, Strouse remembered the 911 victims and their families in his musical, His Concerto America.  Since he is committed to helping aspiring musicians, he founded the ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop in New York, which is a place where composers and lyricists are inspired to unleash their artistic talent.

For giving back to others and for creating marvelous compositions, Strouse received the 1999 ASCAP Foundation Richard Rogers Award and the Oscar Hammerstein Award among many other distinctions.

When you listen to “Those Were the Days” once again, for the reboot of All In The Family airing on May 22nd now you know that the genius behind this song comes from Lee Adams and Charles Strouse. 

As they both enjoy their golden years, Adams and Strouse are still inspired by their youthful years when they write their compositions. That is their secret for staying young at heart.