In the Western world, we already rang in the New Year, but in the East the celebration is just beginning.   

On February 5th, the Year of the Pig begins.  If you think that this year will be lucky for those born under the Pig sign, then you are wrong.  According to Chinese astrology, this year will be very unlucky for those born under the Pig sign.  All the other 11 signs of the Chinese zodiac will be much more fortunate than the Pig.

The Pig is the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac.  According to legend, the Pig was the final one to arrive when the Jade Emperor had an important gathering.  Based on another myth, the Pig was the last to leave Earth when Buddha had a meeting.  Being the last one to arrive at the conference, is not necessarily a bad characteristic for the Pig.  Since Pigs possess great patience, they make wonderful teachers and coaches more so than the other 11 signs.

Among many other qualities, Pigs are artistic, smart, and polite.  Overall, they have good luck in life.  Since they also have peaceful souls, they bring harmony to the world.  They also have a vocation for careers focusing on charity and fundraisers.  Possessing a great work ethic, that the other 11 signs could emulate, they have enthusiasm even for jobs that are monotonous.  Being very focused, they work very hard to turn their aspirations into reality.

Of all the other 11 signs, they are most compatible with the Tiger, the Rabbit and the Goat.  Although they have different personalities, the Pig, the Tiger and the Rabbit are much more relaxed than the other nine signs of the Chinese zodiac.  The sign that is least compatible with the Pig is the Snake.

Just like in the Western world, pigs are also regarded as a symbol of affluence in the East.  In the Western zodiac, Pigs are closest to Scorpio.  The luckiest color for a Pig is yellow.  Lilies, of all varieties, are their lucky flowers.

Outside of Asia, one of the biggest celebrations of the Chinese New Year is held in New York’s Chinatown.  Every year there are colorful festivities that draw in crowds and tourists.  Their unforgettable celebration always makes the news headlines.  I have always been fascinated with the Chinese New Year, but this year’s festivities will be even more special for me.  After taking my DNA test, I discovered that I am 1 percent East Asian.  Now I am even more passionate about celebrating The Year of the Pig.