rsz_img_36011Winter, a quiet time, is a mysterious season when the days grow darker sooner. The trees are barren without their leaves making the conifers stand out more. Sometimes snowflakes fall covering the landscape in a blanket of white. On some winter nights, you can near the wind blowing sounding like a howl. After a day out in the cold, it is the perfect time to gather around the fireplace and tell ghost stories.

Many Americans have always been fascinated with the occult and pass on stories of poltergeists and haunted places from one generation to the next. Some of these tales even become best- selling horror novels, documentaries and box office hits. There are even popular television shows about ghost hunters and psychics who try to contact the spirits. Fans of these programs of the paranormal phenomenon are glued to their television sets intrigued with the next supernatural event that may take place.

Across towns and cities in America, there are many stories of hauntings. In Newark, New Jersey, the White Lady is a specter that some people believe appears in Branch Brook Park. There are two accounts of this legend. According to one story, the White Lady was a newlywed who was killed with her husband in an automobile accident that took place when their V8 Ford Mustang hit a tree.

Another report depicts the White Lady as an adolescent who was going to the prom with her fiancé. When their limousine crashed, her boyfriend survived the accident but she died. Based on this tale, the young lady appears as an apparition searching for her prom date.

Not only does the White Lady draw the attention of the curious, but also the tree where the car crash took place. There was a time when the spooky tree was painted white. Perhaps the tree was painted white to attract the White Lady. Even though the tree was cut down, this has not stopped the fascination with the ghost of Branch Brook Park. Some people still continue to believe that the White Lady wanders Branch Brook Park into the darkness.