The giant media conglomerate is quiet about the torture and murder of SA whites

Giant media conglomerate quiet on the torture and murder of SA whites

There is an ongoing question mark hanging over the giant, enormously wealthy South African media group, Naspers. The group’s media – notably the online press, newspapers and magazines are continually, blatantly under reporting on the daily, brutal attacks on whites. In protest there is an ongoing social media campaign by whites to boycott the Afrikaans papers and magazines.

Naspers grew out of Die Nasionale Pers (“The National Press”) which was founded in1915. Ironically the enterprise was formed with the aim of furthering the cause of Afrikaans and the Afrikaner people to whom the now massive media group owes its success. Traditionally the Afrikaans nation is conservative and until the change in Government in 1994 when the ANC (African National Congress) was handed power, the Afrikaans press largely reflected the values of its supporters.

Napsers has become a global media giant and according to an article in Moneyweb last month, Naspers shares are taking prominence on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, pipping BHP and Anglo American. Along with amassing a fortune Naspers has also become very powerful even to the point of picking a fight last year with Google, accusing the organization of tax malpractices.

Mainstream media has an intrinsic power by virtue of the fact that it can have a major influence on public opinion and controls the dissemination of information. The ANC already has strict secrecy laws in place in the form of the Protection of State Information Bill passed into law in 2012. This move was described by many as a draconian measure enabling the ANC Government to cover up corruption and send whistle blowers and journalists to jail for up to 25 years.

The South African Government has been increasingly vocal on their opposition to social media leaks on the torture and murder of whites and have publicly berated expats for posting information about the situation and pictures of victims claiming it makes the country look bad. The South African press is fairly quiet on the subject and Naspers is the biggest culprit for under reporting on even the most heinous crimes that would make headlines for days in other countries. The murder ratio of white farmers in South Africa is 134 per 100,000, four times the national average which is 32.2 murders per 100,000 people, close to eight times the U.S. rate.

In March South Africa’s only independent national wire service, the South African Press Association (Sapa), was closed after 76 years as the primary supplier of news in and out of the country. Interestingly the chairperson of Sapa and driver of the closure is no other than Minette Ferreira who is a senior manager with Naspers.  Add to this a recent report by Adriana Stuijt an ex South African journalist now safely residing in Holland. Stuijt runs an up to date website called Farmitracker which details hate crimes against whites and other minority groups. She noted that Naspers online news source, has deleted all but two of all the pre-2015 farm-attack reports that they had on their website. This means that they have no available reports on the site on some of the most heinous crimes against whites. Reports on children being boiled to death, elderly couples being gang raped, women being slit open and hung on hooks and much, much more.

Currently South Africa’s Afrikaners are a small minority under siege by the ANC government. Over 100 Black Empowerment laws that make it difficult for whites to find work in South Africa have resulted in close to a million whites living in abject poverty in squatters camps.  For the most part, the people who are being subjected to brutal torture that a normal person struggles to even comprehend – are Afrikaners. The hundreds of thousands of people forced out of work through the ANC’s BEE policies, now living in squalid conditions, begging for a meal are also mainly Afrikaners. Why is it that the management in the Naspers Group, Afrikaner men – born and bred are unwilling to make any effort to help their own – preferring to try and shut the mouths of those prepared to speak out? Their silence is clearly aiding the increasingly horrific situation and renders them complicit in these atrocities.

The question being asked by the Afrikaans people is why the press supposedly representing them is silent on the slaughter of their people.

Naspers’ silence renders the organization complicit in  the ongoing horrors committed against whites in South Africa

The answer may lie in the management profiles of Naspers and its subsidiaries which appear questionable at best in the light of the country’s increasingly strict Black Empowerment laws. The 3 Executive Directors are all white and out of the 12 non executive Directors only 3 are black. According to information on the  Naspers’ website  detailing management, the top 8 subsidiaries have barely a handful of  blacks in corporate management. This appears to contradict their website they claim: “Wherever we operate, we ensure that we comply with all international, national and local legislation and regulations. In South Africa we comply  with the spirit and letter of the country’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) requirements.”

While Naspers ignores the plight of the very people who have made them wealthy the organization is left alone by a Government that openly opposes information on what is really happening in South Africa from reaching the world.