On a busy Monday morning, the roads are filled with cars.  There is bumper to bumper traffic. Buses also pass through the roads filled with commuters.  As you walk,  you can  smell the foul odor from the pollution.  On cloudy days, smog usually develops.  All the gridlock creates even more air pollution.  A solution that can improve the air quality is telecommuting.

Telecommuting is when people work from their homes.  With access to the internet, telecommuting is feasible for those employees who do office work.  Telecommuters save money on gas and clothes including other work related expenses.  Since telecommuters use their car less, their vehicle will last longer.  Their vehicles will require less maintenance than those that are on the roads five days a week or more.

Businesses reap benefits from having telecommuters.  Many employees are happier when they work from home.  Their positive attitude makes them more productive.  Offices also save energy with telecommuters. They cut down on the use of air conditioning, heater, lights and printers.  When workers send messages online, they save paper.  They also help to save the trees that are rapidly depleting in our forests.

Today 25 percent of US employees work remotely.   Companies that allow telecommuting are being environmentally conscious.  If  50 percent of office employees worked remotely, our quality of life would improve.

While some employees can work remotely, others such as doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen and teachers, must commute to their workplaces.  In order to serve society, these vital workers must have direct contact with the public.

According to news reports, IBM will no longer allow their employees to telecommute.  Michelle Peluso, who is IBM’s chief marketing officer, said that employees from the US marketing department must go back to the office or find another job.  While some employees welcomed the news, others were upset.  Like IBM, other businesses that no longer let their employees work from home are Yahoo, Reddit and Best Buy.

It is a shame that these businesses have reversed their work from home policies. Due to global warming, businesses should reduce pollution.  Based on scientific studies, the icebergs in Antarctica are melting at alarming rates.  The world’s temperature is rising.  Hotter temperatures will increase the likelihood of floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.  As a result of climate change, other natural disasters may also occur.

Some of the effects of global warming can be reversed if companies act more responsibly.  The Yeomen and Dell, among many other companies, are committed to conserving our planet.  By permitting their employees to telecommute, they are reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide discharged in the air.  Living in a cleaner planet is better.

If businesses do not take steps to save the earth, what kind of world will our children inherit?  Will American children have to wear masks when they go outside because of the severe air pollution?