Since it really is a movie within many movies, Tarantino’s film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will keep you hooked.  Despite its long length, you will still be engaged as many black and white images flash before your eyes.  This film focuses on Hollywood’s golden age when filming was truly an art and how the latest changes in filming have affected seasoned actors.  Also depicting Los Angeles lifestyle in the 60’s, this flick has several images of night life in Los Angeles.  All the picturesque Hollywood images including mansions, especially the Los Angeles neon signs, add to its artistry.  The popular 60’s music of this film also makes its multiple plots even livelier.  The film reaches its final climax with Tarantino’s own interpretation of the Manson murders.

There is strong chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in this film.  Together they form the perfect pair that complement each other.  Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is an actor from the Western series, Bounty Law, from 1958-1963.  Even though Dalton is a great actor, he sometimes struggles with his roles, and he eventually comes to terms with a new era in Hollywood.  Cliff Booth, a role flawlessly played by Brad Pitt, is Dalton’s stunt double and his best friend.  Through thick and thin, Booth is always there to help Dalton.  Together Pitt and DiCaprio make the perfect comic team making us laugh hard in Tarantino’s film.

Not only does Tarantino’s film have great actors, but there are also many memorable scenes.  One scene that contains action and comedy is the fight between Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee.  Playing the role of Bruce Lee, Mike Moh shows his karate skills, but Brad Pitt, who plays the role of Booth wins the match, and Booth even damages a brand new car.

Another scene that will inspire future actors in the audience is when Sharon Tate, a role played by Margot Robbie, goes to watch a film where she stars.  When Robbie glances at the audience and observes that they are laughing and engaged in the film, she knows that her acting career will take off.

The most charming scene in the film is the one between Trudi Fraser and Rick Dalton.  As they are sitting together before they go on the set, they are both reading books and start a conversation.  Trudi Fraser, a role very well played by Julia Butters, is an eight year old child actor prodigy who stars as Maribella on the television series, Lancer.  In fact, she even shows Dalton that she is very serious about her acting and does not like to be teased.

Of all the scenes in Tarantino’s film, the most unforgettable is when Luke Perry plates the role of Wayne Maunder.  He successfully negotiates the release of Maribella, who was kidnapped, playing the good guy.  In real life, he also had integrity and was respectable.  Since he died of a heart attack in March 2019, this became his last film.  With his final role, Luke Perry walked out into the sunset like John Wayne.