Full moons have always captured the attention of mankind. After all, they have an aura of mystery simply making us spellbound. In horror works and movies, the full moon is associated with vampires, werewolves and witches. The full moon has also inspired Gothic literature and art among many other forms of artistic expression. In October, the full moon even becomes more magical for those who celebrate Halloween. What is even more mystifying than a full moon? A Super Blood Wolf Moon, in the night sky, is the most mysterious of all.

If you love rare astrological events, you are very lucky indeed. The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be visible on the night of January 20th and January 21st. During this total lunar eclipse, you will be able to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon in the Americas. In Western Europe and parts of Africa, spectators will also be able to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Unfortunately, in Asia the Super Blood Wolf Moon will not be visible. However, you will be able to see this lunar eclipse online.

With a duration of one hour and two minutes, the Super Blood Wolf Moon will be an unforgettable lunar event. This special moon will appear during a lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon travels into the Earth’s shadow. After passing through the Earth’s shadow, it acquires a reddish color due to the Rayleigh scattering. Since it has a red color, rather than a glowing white color, it is called, “Blood Moon.”

During the full lunar eclipse, the moon moves to the nearest point to Earth. Since its view looks larger to the naked eye, it is called, “Super Moon.” The best photos of the full moon are when it transforms into a Super Moon.

The Native Americans, a peaceful and wise people, were the ones who named this unique moon, “Wolf Moon.” Appearing in the middle of winter, they dubbed this unique moon after the wolves that cry and hunt for food in the winter. In Native American art, you can see wolves with the full moon in the background.

With the Super Blood Wolf Moon appearing in January, the first month of the year will definitely start with a bang. Enjoy this show in the skies. If you miss this lunar eclipse, you will have to wait until May 26, 2021 to see the next one.