Store clerks are hard working employees who bag and check out our goods. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, store clerks are now heroic because they are working under stressful conditions with such calm composure. Unfortunately, some of them have caught the coronavirus from sick customers.

As responsible patrons, we can keep store clerks safe by wearing a mask an gloves. Now wearing a mask is mandatory, in many states, in order to do shopping in any business. Not ony do masks and gloves protect the store clerk, they also help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among customers as well.

If you are sick, you should not go shopping. You may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, so stay home and get checked by a doctor. You can do your grocery shopping online or have a friend or a trusted neighbor do the shopping for you.

Since elderly folks are more likely to get the COVID-19 virus, they are advised to stay home. If you are an elderly person who will go shopping despite all the risks, go on the day where only seniors are allowed to shop. If you have no one to do the grocery shopping for you, your local police may be able to help you.

As a shopper, I have seen how well all store clerks treat their patrons, especially the elderly. They are very patient with seniors and really help them feel at ease. The role of a store clerk has changed from a business relatioonship into a more personal relationship with each patron.

Since store clerks are very concerned about their welfare and the welfare of their customers, they deserve to be protected from the coronavirus. When you go the store, you will see cashier safety shields that create a separation between the cashier and the patron.

Next time that you go shopping, take time too thank store clerks for the amazing job that they are doing. As unsung heroes, they certainly deserve a pat on the back.