Stollen dessert is so good and natural, for it is created with good ingredients that come from Mother Nature. Unlike other desserts, stollen is filled with fruits such as oranges and raisins as well as many others. The fruits are so sweet that they will make your mouth water. Stollen dessert also contain almonds and walnuts that blend perfectly with the dried fruits. Since stollen dessert has fruits and nuts, it has nutritional value that many desserts lack.

The taste of stollen dessert is absolutely delectable, and the secret to that taste are the spices that are added such as cinnamon and cardamom. Rum that is added to stollen also gives it a much stronger taste that is suitable for some palates. Stollen dessert tastes so good that it is hard to believe that the dough is low in sugar. The powered sugar or iced sugar, added to the stollen, gives it a holiday look and an unforgettable taste.

Across the world, people eat stollen dessert to celebrate the holidays. Stollen was first created in Germany. When it was baked for the first time, at the Council of Trent in 1545, it was made with flour, yeast, oil and water. Even though it was not sweet like the stollen we eat today, it probably was still tasty.

The German words for stollen are “Weihnachtsstollen” and “Christollen.” Weihanachtsstollen is the German word for Christmas. Christollen is named after Christ to honor Christianity during this festive season.

Like many of you, I do love to eat stollen. I had Kuchenmeister stollen for Christmas, and it was the best stollen that I ever had. It comes nicely boxed and makes the perfect holiday gift or a great gift for any other special occasion. On the box, you can read the story of the Kuchenmeister stollen. Julius Trockels first baked stollen in 1884 in his bakery, and the business he founded still remains strong today. In fact, kuchenmeister has it’s own website where you can order many varieties of fresh stollen bread.

Since today is National Fruitcake Day, it is the perfect time to order stollen from Kuchemeistet or any other variety of fruitcake that you enjoy. Christmas is over, but you can still celebrate the New Year by eating stollen dessert. Hopefully, your new year will be as sweet as the fruitcake that you eat.