Star player Rapione helped lead the US women’s soccer team to victory defeating the Netherlands 2-0 in the championship match that was held in Lyon-France.  In addition to scoring the first goal, star player Rapione became the oldest female player to score in a World Cups final and was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring six goals thus becoming the top scorer of the game.

However, star player Rapione has not only made the news headlines for her amazing athletic skills, she also garnered attention for her recent political remarks.  When a reporter asked her if she would go to the White House if she was invited, Rapione said that she would not go.

This is not the first time that star player Rapione has created controversy.  On September 4, 2016, she knelt during the national anthem at an International match.  Since she was protesting against social injustices, she followed the example of Colin Kaepernick, a San Francisco 49ers quarterback who knelt during the national anthem as well.

Some of Rapione’s fans see her as a role model for taking a stand and exercising her right to free speech.  Like Rapione, they are also unhappy with Washington’s current political climate.  The recent remarks that Trump has made about powerful women of color has probably made more of her fans agree with Rapione’s views.  As for the US women’s soccer team, all of her teammates agree unanimously that they would also not go to the White House if they were invited.

Other fans, who are Trump supporters, see her lack of compliance as disrespectful to the nation and to the American flag.  In order to honor her nation, these fans think that star player Rapione should go to the White House.  Whether you agree with Rapione’s political stand, she has a constitutional right to express her beliefs in this democracy.

Regardless about how her fans feel about her political ideology, they all agree that star player Rapinoe is a phenomenon on the soccer field.  Coming from a family of athletes, she was born to play soccer.  Inspired by her older brother Brian, Megan Rapione started playing soccer at the age of three.  Megan’s fraternal twin, Rachel Rapione, also plays professional soccer.  When she attended Foothill High School, Rapione was coached by her dad.  She played soccer for the Elk Grove Pride club team while she was in high school.  Even with her demanding sports schedule, she still managed to make the honor roll every semester.

At the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, Rapione and her sister both chose to play for the Portland Pilots on a full scholarships.  As a freshman, Rapinoe’s soccer skills enabled the Pilots to have an undefeated season in 2005.  Rapione was named NSCAA First Team All-American, and she was also on the Soccer America First Team Freshman All-America among many other honors.  In 2006, Rapione, who was just a sophomore, became one of America’s leading scorers with ten goals and two assists in 11 matches.

After graduating from college, her career as a successful athlete continued.  Star player Rapione helped the US win the 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup, the 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup and the gold at the 2012 London Olympics.  During the 2012 games, when the US defeated Canada 4-3, Rapione became the first player ever to score straight from a corner.  Star player Rapione is one of only five player to score two goals during an Olympic semi-final.

In addition to being one of the leading co-captains of her team, star player Rapione is also a leader outside of the soccer field.  As a feminist, she believes that women should have equal pay, just like men, as professional athletes. Star player Rapione and her team members filed a lawsuit accusing the US Soccer Federation of gender discrimination.  As a proud member of the LGBT community, Rapinoe was awarded the board of directors Award by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center on November 10, 2012 for promoting awareness of LGBT athletes.  She was inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.  In addition to receiving many other awards and distinctions, Rapinoe’s hometown of Raleigh honored her with a parade in 2011 and named September 10 as “Megan Rapinoe Day”.

Star player Rapinoe has a strong and lively personality.  When the US defeated Colombia 2-0, Rapionoe spontaneously picked up a microphone, taped it and sang Springsteen’s signature song, “Born in the USA.”  The real Rapinoe is fierce like Springsteen, for she always takes a stand for what she believes in, even in the face of controversy.  Rapinoe’s amazing kicking power goes beyond the soccer field meshing into the world of politics.