Senior dogs are quiet animals that easily adapt to you and are ready to give you love. Unfortunately, they are also the first dogs to be euthanized since most people prefer puppies. As an experienced dog owner, I know that dogs can give you plenty of love and affection in their golden years. Unlike rambunctious puppies, senior dogs are so tranquil and even smarter like scholars. They are already living the second part of their lives, and they give you such peace that you seldom get from younger dogs.

During this holiday season, consider going to a shelter and adopt a senior dog. Since they do not need training, senior dogs are perfect for workaholics and those individuals who have busy schedules. Unlike puppies, they do not destroy furniture or other valuable stuff around your home. Since they are less playful, they spend more time relaxing. Senior dogs are already housebroken as well.

Senior dogs are the perfect choice for people who have disabities and the elderly. They move more slowly than younger dogs, so the elderly and the disabled can handle them well. Since many seniors are lonely, an older dog can give them plenty of love and a purpose in Iife as well as a renewed as sense of hope.

Since senior dogs are not aggressive like some younger dogs, they may be the perfect holiday present for a sweet little girl. A child, who knows how to handle animals gently, will love to have an older dog as a pet. As a little girl plays with her tea set, the old dog will be her best guest.

If you are looking for a bedtime buddy, adopt a senior dog. My old dog, King, sleeps quietly next to me at night. He has a sound sleep unlike a younger dog who would be getting in and out of my bed and waking me up.

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month. Now is the best time to go to a shelter and make a senior dog a part of your family. Senior dogs make a great holiday gift and dress them up in a colorful holiday outfit. Despite their age, older dogs still have many good years left to live. Make their final years special, and they will give you so much love in return.