A poll done with Google Surveys has shown the Brexit only enflamed the desires and increased possibility of a Scottish independence and most voters would like to see it happened before the Brexit takes full effect. The General Election taking place in June 8 will be a decisive day.

The alternative of not doing it now would be to face a right-wing government from Tory with new ground rules. The window of opportunity will never be better as of now, right between the Brexit movements from EU is still fresh and fuels the Scottish own.

General elections will be held this June 8, a key date were polls indicate the Brexit will have a strong effect on voters decision.

Nicola Sturgeon looks stronger than ever thanks to the Brexit. On 2015 the SNP party secured 50% of the votes, but now it could way higher than that thanks to regained hopes from independence. Although voters are not that exited for another referendum any time soon.

In the recent poll 53% of those who voted in the past election say they will not be changing their vote. During that time the SNP gained unpreceded power by securing 56 out of 59 seats. But since that time there is a 47% not happy of how the SNP has managed things for the past 2 years and seem ready to cast a vote for a different party, the Tories could revive on this election.

The Tories will aim at taking a few Labour voters as well as a dozen seats from the SNP and present this as proof that there is no clear mandate for IndyRef2. Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Tory party could snatch 25% of the votes and increase the party´s strength compared to the debacle in 2015, and it would be their strongest position since 1997.

The Labour party look the weakest with 18% of voters during the poll, coming down from 24% from the votes in 2015.

It is very important to consider the generation gap on the votes, with a 48% of the population above 65 years of age having a clear voting decision towards the Conservative party. While the young tend to distance themselves from the Conservative, their voting intention is not clear between the ages of 25 to 50. Most of the very young voters between 18 to 24 support the SNP by 45%.

Effects in Overall UK Politics

While the Conservatives in Scotland look for a revival that seems to be shaping up, this unprecedented win could shift an incredible majority to the right-wing regime. Nothing like this has been seen since the Margaret Thatcher era. The pressure of living under the right-wing will fuel the independence movement in Scotland.

Taking the Election Polls to the Betting Market

Sportsbooks are now into the polling ground and William Hill has its own view on the situation which reflects those from the Google Survey.

The Conservative’s stand alone at odds of taking the overall majority of votes with odds of 1/8, while taking a bet on any other party would be highly surprising. The Labour party stands a poor chance at 10/1 followed by No Overall Majority at 7/1.

On the “Most Seats in General Election” market the Conservatives win again with 1/14 odds, followed by Labour. To view our full range of Politics betting markets for the General Election in the UK go to William Hill.