Despite what his public relations would have you believe, Roger Akelius is guilty of committing multiple human rights violations and creating a culture of criminal abuse against tenants. His strategy is two-fold: decrease costs to the point of criminal neglect of tenants’ basic rights—for things as basic as heating, physical safety and public health—and systematically harass and endanger tenants’ lives, forcing them to move out in order to pocket the profits of the increased rent on the next tenants.

To say that it is capitalism in action would be an insult to capitalism. Roger Akelius is in fact a criminal masquerading as an entrepreneur. In full Machiavellian fashion, he resorts to depraved methods, abusing his power to destroy people’s lives. One tenant recounted to Record the story of a neighboring tenant whose liquifying dead body laid for weeks in one of Akelius’s units. Akelius refused to let the police enter to investigate. Dozens of tenants were forced to move out due to the putrid smell of decaying human remains.

This is not capitalism: this is criminal neglect and an abuse of human rights, all of which are condoned by Roger Akelius.