Most of us are fascinated with RMS Titanic, the luxury liner that sank on April 14, 1912.  Now she lies in the depths of the ocean, but millionaire Olive Palmer plans to resurrect her with the creation of Titanic II, which will be a replica of Titanic.  She is set to sail in 2022.  Just like the original vessel, Titanic II will be taking the same route from Southampton to New York.  Would you buy a ticket to board Titanic II?

Knowing that 1,517 people died on RMS Titanic,  I would never want to get on Titanic II.  I believe that making a duplicate of a ship that caused so much suffering and loss of life is like desecrating a grave.  In the first class, there were 130 Titanic passengers that died. In the second class, 166 Titanic passengers perished.  In the third class, there were more passengers that died than in any other class.  There were a total of 685 people that died in the third class on RMS Titanic.  Unlike travelers in the first and second class who were taking a trip, passengers in the third class were coming to America in search of a better life.

Not only did passengers die, there were 685 crew members who also perished on the ill fated ship.  Many of them died heroically saving the lives of others.  Captain Smith, one of the most well known crew members, went down with the famous ship that many called unsinkable.

Due to all the deaths on this liner, boarding Titanic II would be a voyage of tears for me.  I would remember the 1,517 souls that perished on that tragic Sunday in 1912.  I believe that an ocean trip should be enjoyable and not a macabre experience.

Cunard Line, a company that united with White Star Line, believes that making Titanic II is completely unsuitable and ridicules the memory of those who died.  They think that Titanic II will never honor the 1,517 souls that perished.

While some believe that making a reproduction of this vessel is disrespectful to victims of the disaster as well as to survivors, others think that it is a good idea.  Terry Ismay, the great-great nephew of White Star Line chairman and Titanic survivor J. Bruce Ismay, supports Titanic II and will be a member of the board.  Helen Benziger, who is the great-granddaughter of Titanic survivor Margaret “Molly” Brown, will also be an associate of the committee of Titanic II.

Olive Palmer, who is an Australian millionaire, is the brainchild of Titanic II.  This project has a hefty price tag and is estimated to cost $500 million.  Blue Star line Pty. Ltd. Is the owner of Titanic II.  CSC Jinling is the builder of Titanic II.  When Titanic II is finished in 2022, it will make history by becoming the first passenger ship fabricated in China.

In addition to his Titanic II project, Palmer is well known for his outlandish business proposals.  In 2010, Palmer founded a company called Zeppelin International.  The goal of this company was to create a marketable zeppelin.  This idea was a complete fiasco.

Set to launch in 2022, only time will tell if Titanic II will sink or sail.