Rey, who gets caught up between the forces of good and evil in the Rise of the Skywalker, eventually chooses the force of good at the end of the film. The yellow light saber, which she now holds in the final scene, proves that she has successfully passed her intensive Jedi training. I believe that this yellow light saber is symbolic of the power that women now have, not only as fictional characters in Hollywood but in the real world as well. Now women, more than ever, have successful careers in high places that once were only held by men.

Beyond all the novas and cosmos pictured in the Rise of Skywalker, there is also a message aimed at young girls to truly fight for what they believe in and make their dreams come true. Strong characters, such as Rey, inspire young girls to turn into powerful women and fight hard for what they believe in. Ever since the first Star Wars films, where Carrie Fisher starred as Princess Leia, the message of women’s empowerment has always been loud and clear.

Daisy Jazz Isabel, who stars as Rey in the Rise of the Skywalker, sends a positive message to girls through her acting. Not only does she use her physical strength to defeat the forces of evil, she also uses the power of her mind to help her win any battles. In real life, there is no doubt that positive thinking can enable us to reach the stars and beyond.

Ever since she was a child, Ridley always reached for the stars. Beating all the odds, she fulfilled her destiny of becoming an actress. Since she was so talented, Ridley even won a scholarship to study at Ting Park School for the Performing Arts. Before she reached stardom, she worked as bars maid for two different London pubs. Yes she struggled like the fictional character of Rey, a persona that she would eventually play in the Star War trilogies

Crawl was the first movie that Ridley starred in. Her big break came when she was cast as Rey in the Star Wars Trilogies. In real life Ridley fulfilled her dream of being an actress mirroring the fictional character of Rey. By portraying the strong character of Rey, she is certainly a role model for young girls, for Rey teaches them to be independent among any other lessons. Besides women’s empowerment, there are any other interpretations of The Rise of Skywalker. Each viewer will interpret the film differently and almost every interpretation can be applied to the real world
However sometimes we simply want to watch a film and just relax without reading too much into it. With such cinematic beauty, that includes cosmos and the vast universe, Star War movies, always give us an opportunity to take a relaxing journey.
Across the world moviegoer’s love taking the Star Wars stellar journey. With a budget of $275 million The Rise of the Skywalker has made $568 million globally so far. Even though The Rise of the Skywalker marks the end of the Skywalker Saga, there will still be any other Star War films coming to a galaxy near you so stay tuned.