Turin Brakes, a million selling acoustic four-piece, first came together in a bedroom in Balham at the turn of the century. Initially a duo comprising of Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, the ambitious pair were later joined by long-term members, Rob Allum and Eddie Myer. Now the experienced quartet are preparing to release their brand new album, Lost Property – via independent record label  Cooking Vinyl – at the end of January.

This 11-track CD, their first since 2013’s critically acclaimed We Were Here, is firmly rooted in the streets of South London and successfully retains that intimacy and warmth for which this talented and very popular group of musicians have long since been known, though album number seven is rather more epic and ambitious in scope than much of their previous work.

Turin Brakes: Lost Property – The Songs

Opening track, the atmospheric “96,” features a groovy bassline used effectively to back up some gorgeous vocals and cleverly sparse guitar. The chorus brings in a “fuller” sound that appears to tip the hat to the anthemic Britpop choruses of the mid-1990s that no doubt inspired Turin Brakes.

Track two, the string-laden latest single “Keep Me Around,” includes a delightful melody that is pure folk rock, interesting lyrics and effective handclaps. The title track is equally powerful and skillfully makes the most of the band’s ability as vocalists, their distinctive voices combining evocatively on the swirling chorus.

“Rome” is a bit more uptempo, “Save You” makes solid use of the piano and again introduces potent handclaps and a beautifully restrained string section into the mix. One of the most memorable tunes on here comes in the form of “Jump Start,” a rather deep and meaningful number that should go down well in concert.

Lost Property is a thoughtful and carefully imagined piece of work that will undoubtedly please fans of Turin Brakes. For me, however, although I can definitely appreciate the songs and the innovative musicians who created them, I found that after a positive start, my interest and enthusiasm unfortunately began to wane.

Lost Property will be available to buy or download from January 29.

For more information on Turin Brakes, visit their official website.