Remembering Lucky is special because he was a highly intelligent and affectionate dog. As a dog mommy, I loved combing Lucky’s wavy light brown hair, bathing him, feeding him and taking him for long walks. He was a small dog, a terrier and poodle mix. His big personality certainly compensated for his small stature.

Like many other dogs, Lucky would protect his home. My neighbors, friends and acquaintances loved to hear him bark loudly. He certainly knew how to defend his territory. He was also very friendly with other pets in the house.

When I go shopping, I am remembering Lucky. I would put Lucky in a shopping cart and he behaved so well much better than a little child. I also bought clothes for him, and he loved to get dressed up. During the winter, I bought him sweaters. He wore dog shirts in the spring and fall.

Lucky certainly loved long walks in the park. He was so full of energy and loved walking with his younger brother King. He would often bark at other dogs that passed by, and I do believe it was his way of greeting them.

I loved celebrating Halloween with Lucky. I would dress him up as a ghost or a pumpkin among many other costumes. Lucky loved his walks on Halloween and the attention he always got. He also liked watching the kids go trick or treating.

During the Christmas season, I would play holiday music and Lucky would howl. It was his way of singing. He would wear colorful holiday sweaters.

As a dog mommy, I was always rewarded for taking care of Lucky. He always gave me unconditional love. Some humans are rarely content, but dogs love you no matter what. Dogs always treat their owners like royalty.

It was sad to see Lucky age. As he got older, he lost some of his energy. However, he still had his spunky spirit that lasted till the end of his life. I always cherished every moment that I had with Lucky. As he aged, I cherished him even more.

On December 2018, Lucky passed away peaacefully in his sleep. He lived 14 years and added so much happiness to my life. Since he was a gift, he went home during the holidays. Now Lucky is forever young running in the green pastures of heaven.

During National Mommy’s Day, we should appreciate all the pets in our lives and remember those that we lost. Even though no other dog can replace the one that we lost, remembering Lucky means opening my heart to a shelter dog and saving a life.