Real happiness varies from person to person. What makes one individual happy can make another person unhappy. Defining the quest for real happiness as a pursuit is definitely right on target, for finding happiness may in fact be a lifelong journey. It is a process of experimentation that includes trial and error. Sometimes what we thought would make us happy makes us very unhappy.

Finding real happiness in life is not an easy task, for there are always many setbacks along the way. Despite all the obstacles, working hard to overcome those barriers can make us very happy indeed.

Despite all the bad news, that is very much a part of life, the good news is that we can always find things to make us happy. Those leisurely activities such as reading, gardening, movies, camping and traveling, just to name a few examples, can make us very happy. It is often healthy to take a break from the pressures of life and have some fun. Since a break clears the mind, you may be able to find a solution to your problems after taking a breather.

The support we get from family and friends can also make us happy. Good friends, that you can confide in, are especially helpful during tough times. Friends may very well help turn our dreams into reality by motivating us. They can also give us great advice. Good friends truly hold the keys that unlock all the doors that lead to lasting happiness.

During challenging times, having faith also helps us heal. Each person finds strength in their own unique faith. No matter our faith, we all find peace through the power of prayer that may even lead to a miracle.

Having a positive outlook about life also leads to real happiness. We must accept our mistakes and learn from them. Viewing our failures as building blocks will eventually lead us to success. We should also be willing to ask for help when we need it and put our pride aside. Most of all, asking for forgiveness and forgiving others takes a heavy burden off our shoulders leading to lasting happiness.

I believe that Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that celebrates real happiness the most. As family members, loved ones and friends gather around the table, each of them gives thanks for their blessings. It really does not matter if you had a tough year, for there is always something to be thankful for. Most of us have many blessings that we take for grantedd such as the ability to see, the ability to hear, the ability to walk and the ability to talk – – just to name a few examples. Giving thanks for all our blessings is an act of humility and beauty that creates everlasting happiness.

August is Happiness Happens-Month, so remember to count your blessings every single day. During this season of nice sunny weather, embrace nature that always teaches us the meaning of real happiness. Watching the ocean waves and hearing the seagulls can make us feel very relaxed. Just watching a butterfly, among the blooms, can make us smile. Real happiness can come from nature’s small gifts. One of the great ironies of real happiness is that sometimes you find it when you are not looking.