During this difficult time when police brutality has made the news headlines once again, we should remember that most police officers are heroic and save lives every single day. We should continue to honor our finest police officers who make the ultimate sacrifice, risking their own lives, to save others. Sadly, the case of George Floyd was quite different.

Derek Chauvin practiced police brutality when he knelt on George Floyd’s neck causing his untimely death. Already, Floyd, who was unarmed, was already restrained and no further force was needed. He even pleaded with police officer Chauvin to let him go, and he repeatedly told Chauvin that he could not breathe. Not only do Americans mourn Floyd’s death, but worldwide people of all races and nationalities are shedding tears.

Even with the threat of the coronavirus, people are demonstrating showing how much they believe in justice for Floyd and his family. This tragedy could have been prevented if Chauvin would not have exhibited excessive force. There were 18 prior complaints against Chauvn, yet he was not removed from his duties. Now Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Hopefully justice will be served as it is now up to our judicial system to decide his fate.

Floyd’s case is not the first case of police brutality in the United States, for there have been many others. One of the cases, that mirrors Floyd’s case, was the case of Eric Garner who died when police officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a choke hold. Sometimes police officers must use force to restrain their victims, but excessive force is completely inhumane and violates human rights. Police brutality is very dangerous it can result in the death of a suspect. The untimely deaths of Garner and Floyd have certainly proven that police practices of using neck restraints and placing victims in choke holds are highly contorversial and can have dire consequences claiming human lives. Hopefully, the police force will change these methods of restraining suspects in lieu of recent events that have divided our nation and caused so much emotional pain.

Even before the death of Floyd, there was a rift between the African-American community and the police force. Healing certainly needs to take place and also understanding between these two groups. One of the ways to improve relations between African-Americans and the police force is through sensitivity training. Many police need to learn more about African-American culture and civil rights. They also need more education about multicultural awareness to learn about all minorities, not just African-Americans. After all, our nation is a melting pot. There is no place for racism in the police force.

There are also organizations such as NAACP, Black Lives Matter and The Legal Defense Fund, among many others, that help bring justice and equality to African-Americans. They are also fundamental in educating the public about race relations.

Floyd’s death has brought many Americans together to fight for the cause of justice and eradicate police brutality. Almost everyone is supporting the cause of justice in many different ways. Some Americans are participating in peaceful protests. Others are setting up memorials to honor Floyd. In other to show that black lives do matter, others are writing articles or posting stories to support civil rights.

Sadly, Floyd’s voice was not heard as he faced an agonizing death and fought for his life till his last breath. But his voice is now heard through his six-year-old daughter Gianna who misses her dad so much. She inherited her dad’s warm brown eyes and his liveliness. Gianna, with her mom Roxie Washington, gave an emotional interview on Good Morning America. With all the innocence in the world, she described how much she misses her dad.

Floyd will never see Gianna graduate from high school and college. He will not walk her down the aisle when she gets married. However, Floyd’s presence will always remain in Gianna’s life as he will never be forgotten. Now Floyd’s voice is heard louder and clearer than ever before.