Peat Pots are the best way to start your gardening from seeds.  Since these pots go directly into the ground, you will not damage the seedlings when you plant them.  In stores, sometimes it is hard to find them.  The good news is that they are now on sale on Ebay for only $6.99 with shipping included.  One of the advantages of growing seedlings is that they are much more affordable compared to the higher price of a full grown plant.  When you use these pots, almost every seedling will become a healthy and full grown plant.

Once you get your Peat Pots, open a hole in the bottom for drainage.  Put soil half way into the pots.  Put the seedlings into the pots and cover them with soil again.  Place them outside in a sunny location.  Remember to water the seedlings every day.  Eventually, they will begin to sprout.  When the sprouts are strong, place them into the ground.  Never remove the Peat Pots from the seedlings.  Once they are in the ground, continue to water them every day except when it rains.

As your seedlings grow, you will be entertained the entire summer.  Watching how they change day by day is fascinating.  Every year, I use Peat Pots to plant my sunflowers.  Since they grow so hardy, strong and beautiful, I place photos of my sunflowers on Facebook and Twitter.  This year I am growing purple sunflowers.

In addition to growing sunflowers, I have also grown tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins using Peat Pots.  My harvest has definitely been good and produced tasty fruits and vegetables.  My recommendation is for all gardeners to these pots.

The only disadvantage of using Peat Pots is that you have to have patience and wait until the seedlings grow.  However, forbearance is certainly a virtue.  Gardening certainly teaches us about life: The good things come to those who wait.