PACT Act, a bill which was recently signed into law by President Trump, will carry steep penalties for those who abuse animals.  If they are found guilty, animal abusers may now face a fine or seven years in prison.  In some cases, they judge may even decide to throw the book by giving them a fine and prison time.  Despite the dissension that currently exists in Washington, PACT, a bipartisan bill, was approved by both Democrats and Republicans.

Not only do politicians approve of the PACT Act, the National Sheriffs Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Humane Society also support the PACT law.  According to studies, people who abuse animals are more likely to be violent against humans.  PACT will also protect humans from maltreatment, not only animals.

PACT Act is an extension of the 2010 Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act that President Obama signed into law.  This act made it illegal for people to post videos of animals abuse, which are frequently seen on social media sites.  Even though these videos are now illegal in the US, they are still legal in other countries.  What we can do is sign petitions to stop all forms of animal cruelty.

If you ever suspect that someone is abusing animals, do report it to the police as soon as possible.  It is important to save the life of an animal and it is inhumane to make it needlessly suffer.  PACT Act now makes animal abuse a crime at the federal level.  Animals, such loyal creatures, are not able to defend themselves against their abusers.  As animal lovers, we must serve as their voice in order to shield them from abuse.

There is no doubt that the PACT Act is a victory for animal advocates across the US.  However, much more still needs to be done to protect animals from all types of abuse.   PACT Act does not prohibit trophy hunting, sporting activities and many other types of activities that make animals suffer and even causes them to have agonizing deaths.  Since we defend the rights of animals, we should sign every petition, currently circulating on social media, to inform politicians that we want to stop all types of animal cruelty.  As animal lovers, we want all abuse against animals to be punishable, as federal crimes, to the highest extent of the law.  Since animals do not have a voice and suffer in silence, we must do all we can to defend them.