An article which appeared in USA Today on November 26 entitled “African refugees give thanks for new Kentucky home” has sparked outrage among some activists in South Africa. The piece describes the resettlement of 150 people, mainly Africans, in Louisville, USA and it details the journey of Mulungula Mungela and his family who arrived in the US in October.

Mungela left his home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2006 after receiving a beating and being threatened and made his way to South Africa. He landed a job as a guard in Durban, sent for his family, secured a study loan and earned two master’s degrees. In spite of this Mungela complains that South Africa is rife with discrimination.

Among the reasons for the outrage at the article is the fact that white South Africans are denied refugee status in the US on the grounds that South Africa is supposedly a safe country. In spite of this hundreds of black South Africans are given refugee status in the US every month.

The murder rate in South Africa is one of the highest in the world but in most cases the daily attacks on whites, particularly those perpetrated on farmers and their entire families including pets involve indescribable levels of prolonged torture. Another disturbing feature of the country is the silence

emanating from the mainstream media and the denial of any problem by the ANC Government. There is also no protection from the police who are renowned for arresting whites for no reason and assaulting them without fear of facing any charges themselves.

Since taking power nearly 20 years ago the ANC has passed over 100 laws to prevent the small white minority from having access to jobs, universities, welfare, and a host of basic services. It is estimated that of the approximately four and a half million whites in the country, over seven hundred thousand are now living in abject poverty in squatters camps, forced out of work by the ANC Black Empowerment laws. In 2012 President Zuma stated that in a democracy minorities have fewer rights than majority and therefore cannot expect the same privileges.

As whites struggle to survive in a homeland bent on destroying them many, desperate to leave, are denied sanctuary in other countries. It is ironic that South Africa accepts thousands of black refugees each year from other African nations. According to South African law, people can qualify for refugee status “if they can present evidence that their lives have been in danger due to being persecuted in their own countries because of their Race; Tribe; Religion; Nationality; Political opinion or Membership of a particular social group”. In South Africa refugees have far greater protection than people born in the country who happen to be white.

To add insult to injury the ANC Government also aggressively intervenes in all white asylum applications worldwide claiming that there is no danger for whites in South Africa. Little wonder that there is outrage at the article detailing the wonderful new life afforded to  Mr. Mungela and his large family who appears to have prospered in South Africa.