Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet, “Paradise Run”

Nickelodeon’s “Paradise Run” is gaining traction as an all around hit game show on the popular network.  Nick star Daniella Monet hosts the show. Monet captured the attention of Nick fans playing the role of Trina Vega on “Victorious.”

On “Paradise Run,” she plays herself as a host and guide. She leads kids on a whirlwind journey through exciting games on each episode. “Paradise Run” is also in its second season. Most noteworthy, the show is proving itself to be a ratings and social media hit.

Hawaii is the picturesque wow factor of the show because of the sunny skies and beautiful beaches. In addition, Monet presents challenges to teams of contestants as they compete on water slides, slip and slide, canoe races, swimming pool games and other fun games. The show is non-stop action and fun to watch.

In a recent interview with Sunset Scoop, Daniella Monet shared insight into season 2. She enjoys watching kids compete because they have to think on their feet. Monet also shared it’s like nothing she’s ever seen.

Monet enjoys working in Hawaii and considers the opportunity priceless. She enjoys the atmosphere and energy of the island of Hawaii and enjoys having fun outdoors on the island.

Although she doesn’t cast the contestants on the show, she has a radar for kids with a sense of humor while they participate. As much as having fun is important, athleticism is key.

She offered advice for kids who want to try out for the show as a contestant. She made it a point to share that the show can “really test your limits, not to mention your athleticism.” Furthermore, she went on to say that kids who don’t care for PE should work hard if they want to try out for the show.
When it comes to sports, she is most of all passionate about running, weight lifting, yoga and dance. In addition, she is open to trying new sports out.  Monet also had this to say about the show and what to look out for on season 2:
‘Paradise Run’ is an adrenaline pumping game show. It takes place on the grounds of a gorgeous resort on the big island in Hawaii. Three teams of two are constantly pushed to their limits. They race around from one fun challenge to the next, all for the chance to win a tropical vacation.
You guys are going to love some of the new obstacles! There’s a 50 foot slip and slide, a zipline the size of a football field built right over the lagoon and more. Hope you guys love it, and be sure to let me know what you think! Follow me on @daniellamonet on twitter and IG!

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