New tools are making PowerPoint powerful again. Ineffective use started to give this slide show program a reputation of being boring. The savvy use of PowerPoint, coupled with new tools, are breathing new life into this classic program. Discover how PowerPoint continues to be an effective way tool in education and business.

Microsoft Introduces New Tools

Thoughts of PowerPoint bring to mind a boring presenter who drones on. This misconception is coming to an end. Microsoft will introduce two new tools for PowerPoint to Office 365 subscribers. According to The Verge, these tools will improve how presentations look. They will also help bring them to life with motion effects.


The Designer tool will help users create eye-catching slides in less time. With the help of graphic designers, Microsoft developed 12,000 blueprints. This will help users make slides look more unique. Users can use Microsoft’s cloud and machine learning to create layouts for their images. Presentations will have a more original look and feel. Automatic color options add another dimension to slides. Time-saving blueprints that will eliminate the need for time-consuming editing.


Animations add interest to PowerPoint presentations. They are different from images typically featured in slide shows. Morph will help users create animations from images, text and 3D shapes. The possibilities are exciting. Diverse animations will add a special touch to PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint is Still an Essential Program

TES article recalled when educators wrote notes on a blackboard. Chaos went on in the classroom behind their backs. PowerPoint an essential tool for teachers, business people and students. A PowerPoint presentation is definitely more compelling than words on a blackboard or a whiteboard. New tools will help make PowerPoint powerful again.

Savvy Use of PowerPoint

Users are also becoming more savvy about creating PowerPoint presentations. indicates this is making PowerPoint relevant today. Users are keeping a few key tips in mind. PowerPoint is visual, which makes using images over text. Slides should be informative. This means eliminating graphs and charts that bore rather than inform. The presenter should practice before the presentation. The spoken word should complement the slide show. This means talking more than using text in the presentation.

Saving Time

Finally, PowerPoint users are learning how to save time. It once took hours to create an impressive PowerPoint presentation. Plug-ins, such as pptXTREME, are helping users save time on editing, importing, adding effects and using colors to create a mood. Many offer trial downloads so users can see if these plug-ins are beneficial for their purposes.