‘Travelers’: A fun and thought provoking sci-fi drama

Netflix has recently released a new sci-fi drama called ‘Travelers.’ Travelers is Netflix’s latest foreign tv show from Canada. Unlike most recent time-travel shows and films, ‘Travelers’ delivers fine acting and attention grabbing storylines.

Hundreds of years into the future, humanity is endangered by a meteorite and those that survived, find a way to send their consciousness back to the 21st century. They then take over people’s bodies in order to carry out missions, with the hope of preventing humankind’s tragic end. The travelers hope to alter events in our time to improve things in theirs, though there are plot holes within their hopes.

The characters are developed and end up in problematic hosts. Philip (Reilly Dolman) finds himself in a drug addict’s body. Marcy (MacKenzie Porter) takes the body of a woman with plenty of intellectual challenges. The remaining characters are do not live as complicated lives as the others.

Grant (Eric McCormack) takes over the body of an F.B.I. agent whose wife knows something is off but can’t quite figure out what it is and even questions whether he is cheating on her. Trevor (Jared Abrahamson) is a high school athlete who has to worry about his failing grades while saving the world with his team. Carly (Nesta Cooper) is a single mother with a baby, who is battling her abusive boyfriend for custody.

This team, receives instructions from the future, is only one of many teams that have been sent back to the 21st century. The highlight of the series is watching the team of misfits attempt to blend into their host bodies lives without raising suspicions.

Travelers was created by Brad Wright of Stargate SG-1 fame, and is an enjoyable sci-fi show if you ignore the characters’ flip-flops throughout the season.  (Entire season is based on protecting the human race but refuse to save a child about to be murdered by kidnappers.

This is the latest show focused on time travel, last fall Hulu released “11.22.63” an adaptation of a Stephen King novel, focused on a time traveling teacher who is attempting to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. NBC brought us “Timeless” featuring a team who hunts a secretive figure though history, and CW brought us “Frequency,” a CW show in which the female lead communicates with her deceased father across time using a ham radio. This sudden string of time-travel shows highlights the culture’s desire to go back to a pleasant time.


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