As money fell along Rt 3 West in East Rutherford, New Jersey, commuters could not believe their luck. The azure sky had a hue of green with money falling down.  Some people thought it was an affluent person who threw the money as an early Christmas present.  Others believed that Santa Claus really did come to town.  The commuters even caused traffic jams and delays picking up all those dollars and gathering as many as they could find.

If the gift of cash, flying around, sounds too good to be true, then you are absolutely right.  The money was not a present.  It spilled out of an armored truck that had a problem with one of its doors.

When people picked up the cash, they even caused two accidents police said.  According to news reports, half a million dollars fell from the truck.  Most commuters returned the dough, but there is still $188,955 that is still missing.  Police continue to investigate and have video footage of the incident.  If you found cash, you should be honest and return it.

Finding money that we could keep would make most of us very happy, especially now during this holiday season when we have more expenses.  Unless we win the lottery, we have to work hard for the money that we earn, for it does not easily fall on our laps.  Working hard to earn cash gives our life a  raison d’être.

If we are simply given wealth, what purpose does our life really have?  What we earn, with the sweat of our labor, is what truly makes us happy.  Having high goals and competing with others in the quest of making our dreams gives our lives meaning.

Even if most of us do not earn plenty of dough, the effort that it takes to simply survive helps to eradicate the boredom from our lives.  If we love our jobs, the hours that we spend working pass quickly.  Earning money is much easier when we are satisfied with our work.

Taking on challenges helps us evolve and accomplish goals that we never thought were possible.  If cash easily slipped into our hands, would we ever take those challenges in life?

Even individuals who have all the money in the world, may still choose to work in order to make their life more fulfilling.  Whether their jobs are voluntary or paid, they are making valuable contributions to society.  In our quest to improve ourselves, the journeys that we take, helping to cement our character, are better than finding money.