This summer is already hot, but Cruise’s film, Mission: Impossible-Fallout is sending a heat wave across America.  As you see Cruise perform his own stunts in this movie, making them look effortless, you can see why this flick is a top movie at the box office.  Already this film has grossed over $363 million globally and is expected to make even more. Cruise, an A List actor, climbs mountains, pilots helicopters, jumps out of helicopters, skydives and successfully fights the enemies.

As in the previous five Mission Impossible films, in the sixth Mission: Impossible-Fallout, the assignment is very difficult, risky and perilous.  Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent, played by Tom Cruise, must get back the stolen plutonium with the help of his team.  While Hunt does his job, he is observed by CIA agent, August Walker, played by Henry Cavil.

Throughout the mission, there are many twists and turns.  Ethan and his group travel to Paris, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Norway and the United Emirates to hunt down the enemies.  You can see several breathtaking sites in the film such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Coca-Cola London Eye.  Seeing this motion picture is almost like taking a trip to these foreign nations.

The entire film is fast paced and filled with nonstop action, but the most action packed part of this movie takes place at the end.  When Ethan fights on a cliff with Walker, the bad guy, you really do not know who will win the battle.  Your heart pounds and races as you route for the good guy, Ethan.  You cheer when Ethan wins the battle and saves his life.  Walker, Ethan’s enemy, is killed.  From all of this action, you get an adrenaline rush.

While this film was shot, art really did imitate life.  During filming, Cruise injured his right leg and broke his ankle while this movie was shot in London in August 2017.  Having the courage of Hunt, he came back to do his stunts early in October 2017.  Going beyond acting, Cruise is venturesome in real life.

Hoping to satiate the adventurer within you, Paramount released Mission: Impossible-Fallout in Real ID, 3D, IMAX and IMAX 3D.  Go to see this movie and break the monotony of your nine to five job with thrills that will last after this flick ends.