Maura, a long haired black and white cat, was a very popular pet in my neighborhood. She would often cross the street and go into my backyard and then she would return to her home. Maura’s owners were a very friendly couple who were good neighbors. They took very good care of Maura. I often wished that Maura was my pet, but I was happy that she had such a good home.

My wish did come true, for Maura was destined to become my cat. Maura’s owners were moving away to an apartment, in Florida, where no pets were allowed. They were so sad that they had to give her away. Since they knew that I already loved her, they asked me if I could adopt her. Of course, I said yes. My neighbors were relieved to know that I would give Maura a good home.

When they were packing their belongings and getting ready to leave, they brought Maura to my house and said goodbye to her. They were both so sad that they even shed some tears. Maura sensed that they were saying goodbye to her. After her old owners left, I gave her a can of cat food and she ate with such a hearty appetite. Afterwards, she fell into a sweet slumber.

I gave Maura plenty of love, but she often cried at night because she missed her first owners. When I opened the door, she would run, like the wind, to sit at her old owners front steps just waiting for them to arrive. She engaged in the ritual of visiting her original owners home for one month.

One day Maura reached an epiphany that her first owners would never come back, and she fnally stayed at my house without ever escaping again. Sometimes her original owners came to visit her, but she made it clear to them that I was now her owner. They also knew that she never forgot them.

Maura was a playful, affectionate and independent creature. She was a hunter and often caught mice and birds. As a proud cat, she often showed me her bounty. She also loved spending time in my backyard. In the sunshine, her fur glowed so beautifully.

She loved to go to the porch and often looked out of the window. Most of the time, she looked at the birds. At other times, I think she was looking at her first home across the street and remembering her first family.

Maura loved watching tv and getting into bed with me. She often curled up, like a fur ball, right next to me. She behaved so well and never destroyed anyting in my home. She always kept me company.

Maura eventually became an old cat and enjoyed her golden years. She retired from hunting and now only watched the birds fly. When she peacefully passed away in her sleep, I was in tears. My home felt so empty after she passed away, but I would always have the sweet memories of the times that we shared together. She had lived more than nine lives indeed.

Since she had two homes during her life, Maura was luckier than many cats. Numerous felines cannot even find one family who will adopt them. Every year 1.5 million animals are euthanized. Since June is Adopt-a-Cat Month, you should consider adopting a cat from your local shelter and saving a life. Cats are quiet and clean animals who will get rid of the rodents in your home or apartment. They are also very affectionate animals who will keep you company.

You can also make a donation to an animal shelter or even consider fostering a cat. If youu have extra time, you may decide to volunteer at an animal shelter to help our feline friends. Social media posts also help many cats find good homes.

As a cat owner, I know that cats are much more low maintenance pets than dogs. They are more independent, and they never bark. Every single cat has a different personality, and you will find the cat that will be your perfect match. Maura blended so well with my mysterious personality, and she had that touch of magic that I will never forget.