One of my hobbies is twisting, turning and cutting pieces of chenille stems to make miniatures such as animals, bird cages, flowers and furniture.  As I work on my original creations, I feel very relaxed.  Even if my finished product still needs work, I have an enjoyable time breaking the stems apart and beginning again.  I especially love the stems that have a wide array of colors because my crafts look better when I combine different colors together.

In the past, you had to go to the craft stores to get chenille stems, which were not always easy to find.  Now purchasing them is as easy as clicking the mouse on your computer.  All you have to do is shop at eBay to see a wide assortment of chenille stems in many various colors and styles.  Depending on the type of project that you plan to work on, you will find chenille stems that will be perfect for your creation.

My favorite assortment of chenille stems, currently on sale on eBay, are the Pipe Cleaners Christmas Mix.  Since they are shinier than others, they are ideal for making Christmas decorations.  However, you can still add shine to your creations all year, not only during the holiday season.  These chenille stems come in pack of 100 for just $5.33.  At that price, it is a real bargain.  Imagine how many hours of fun you will have crafting with these tinsel stems.

Throughout the world, making crafts from chenille stems is a popular activity, especially in Japan.  When the Japanese make crafts from chenille stems, they call it Mogol art.  Mogol comes from the Portuguese term Mughal, which is a weaving technique.

Not only will making crafts from chenille stems entertain you for hours, it will also help you save money.  As you make your own decorations for the holidays, you do not have to purchase decorations from the store. When you craft a handmade gift for someone, you will make them feel really special.

Just as in any artistic creation, you may get the subject of inspiration from the simple things in life.  Perhaps, you will be inspired when you see your cat resting on the sofa.  Maybe even the spring flowers will motivate you to twist, turn and create an original craft.  If your finished creation does not look good the first time, do not be discouraged.  As everything else in life, working with chenille stems takes plenty of practice and patience.