Many children simply dream of Easter bunnies during the spring.  When I was a child, my grandmother encouraged me to believe in the Easter bunny.  She told me that several bunnies lived in the park, but they hid in secret places and were very hard to find.  When I strolled through the park with my grandmother, I was always looking for those Easter bunnies as a child.

Believing in Easter bunnies was one of the best parts of my childhood.  I remember going to stores and seeing a row of Easter bunnies all dressed up in spring outfits.  I wanted to have them all in my room.  My favorite stuffed animal, during my childhood, was the Easter bunny.

I created two Easter bunnies that were inspired by my childhood memories.  Using five packs of 50 chenille stems that come in spring colors of green, pink, purple, blue and yellow, I made two Easter bunnies.  Since these chenille stems are sold on EBay for just $2.89 with just $3.10 for shipping, purchasing them was a real bargain.  At local stores, it is not easy to find these windpipes in pastel colors.  When you buy them on EBay, you will save time and money.

In order to make both of my Easter bunnies, I twisted the chenille stems into round shapes.  I made a bigger round shape for the body of the rabbit and a smaller round form for the head.  Later on, I attached the arms and legs to my bunnies.  The last step was adding the final touches to my bunnies that included the eyes, noses, tulips and the baskets.  Now I have to Easter bunnies that bring the spirit of spring into my home.

The German Lutherans created the legend of the Easter bunny.  At the beginning of the Easter season, which is also called Eastertide, they told children that the Easter bunny carried a basket full of colored eggs, candies and toys.  Only the good children would get a visit from the Easter bunny and receive gifts from the basket.

In the 18th century, Protestant German immigrants, who were from the Pennsylvania Dutch region, brought the legend of the Easter bunny to America.  They told youngsters that they would receive eggs from the Easter bunny only if they behaved.

Across America, the myth of the Easter bunny still remains strong.  Every Easter morning, children look forward to get their Easter basket before they go to church on Sunday with their family.  Some even believe that the Easter bunny made the basket especially for them. Outside of the Easter holiday, Peter Rabbit is one of the most popular bunnies. 

By making Easter bunnies with chenille stems, you can reminiscence about your treasured childhood memories.  Turning those special memories into crafts is a great way to celebrate Easter and spring.