A gingerbread house is one of the few holiday decorations that is edible.  In the windows of bakeries, a gingerbread house is the perfect decoration.  Bakers use gingerbread houses, during the holiday season, to introduce all the other pastries in their shops.  In addition to leaving a nice gingerbread aroma, a gingerbread house contains candies such as M & M’s, gum drops, candy canes as well as many other goodies.  Some gingerbread houses are decorated with gingerbread cookies, which are classic holiday cookies that a spicy and sweet taste.  Not only are gingerbread houses only used as Christmas decorations, they are festive during the entire holiday season till New Year’s.

Even before they began making gingerbread houses in Germany in the early 1800s, gingerbread was already a popular food in Europe.  During Ancient Roman times, Europeans ate gingerbread that was as delectable, for its spicy flavor, as it is today.  The origins of gingerbread are traced back to the Middle East.

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration behind gingerbread houses came from?  According to researchers, it came from the popular children’s tale, “Hansel and Gretel.”  We all know that Hansel and Gretel were delighted to find a gingerbread house.  After reading this story, many children dream of living in a gingerbread house.

German immigrants, who came to live in Pennsylvania, brought the tradition of gingerbread houses to America.  In German markets, gingerbread houses are still popular decorations that are sold before Christmas.  Today they are common holiday decorations across America.  During the Christmas season, a Gingertown is built every year in Washington, DC.

Bergen, located in Norway, has the distinction of building one of the world’s largest gingerbread cities.  Pepperkaker, which is the Norwegian term for “the gingerbread village, it the largest gingerbread city in the world and attracts plenty of tourists every year.

Since I love gingerbread houses, I decided to create my own gingerbread house from chenille stems.  For this project, you will need orange tinsel chenille stems, black tinsel chenille stems, red tinsel chenille stems, white chenille stems, scissors and a tea light. Orange tinsel chenille stems are sold on eBay for just $9.99 with free shipping included. Black tinsel chenille stems are sold on eBay for $4.11. You can purchase white chenille stems for just $0.99 on eBay. Red tinsel chenille stems are on sale on eBay for just $2.99. You can purchase an assortment of flameless tea lights on eBay for just $8.49. Remember to save the chenille stems that you do not use for another craft project.

Use the orange chenille tinsel stems to make a square for the bottom of the gingerbread house.  Fill in the square with the orange chenille stems.  After you create the foundation of the house, take chenille stems and make two triangles and attach them to the foundation.  Remember to make a U shape to form the open door of the house because that is where you will put the tea light.  Fill in the two triangles with orange chenille stems.

After you fill in the two triangles, use the black chenille stems to make two squares.  These squares will be used to make the roof of the house.  Attach those two squares to the center of the top of the house.  Fill in the squares with the black chenille stems.  Do not attach the roof to the sides of the house yet.  Leave it loose because you will put in the decorations.  Take red and white chenille stems to make four candy canes.  Place the candy canes neatly on the roof.  Twist and turn the red and white chenille stems to make a long rope.  Use the candy cane rope to attach the roof to the house.  The rope will also be used to decorate the door of the gingerbread house.

The final step is to make the chimney of the gingerbread house.  Take two black chenille stems to make two small rectangles.  Fill in the rectangles with black chenille stems.  After the chimney is secured to the gingerbread house, add orange chenille stems to decorate the chimney.  Congratulations to you, for you finally finished making a gingerbread house.  Now you will place the tea light inside the gingerbread house to give it a touch of holiday magic.

This gingerbread house, made from chenille stems, will blend in perfectly with all your other holiday decorations.  The best part is that you do not have to worry about the calories!