Most of us will have many Christmases to celebrate, but two year old Brody Allen, a little angel, celebrated his last one.  Since he suffers from brain cancer, Brody may not make it till Christmas unless a miracle takes place.  Brody’s family, friends and neighbors all got together, so that Brody could have an unforgettable Christmas.  In fact, the entire town turned Brody’s neighborhood into a winter wonderland.

Since Brody’s story has gone viral, support has been pouring in worldwide.  The mailman, who works in Brody’s block, is very busy delivering all the cards and letters, from well-wishers, addressed to this brave little angel.  With his courage and zest for life, Brody has inspired people to live life to the fullest and never take any moment for granted.

Unfortunately, Brody is not the only little angel who is stricken with brain cancer.  According to medical studies, brain cancer is the second most common cancer found in children, and it is more difficult to treat than other cancers.

Medulloblastomas account for the biggest percentage of pediatric brain cancer.  This type of cancer is aggressive and very malignant.  Medulloblastomas are more common in boys than in girls.  In adults, this form of cancer is rare.  Only 30% of adults are diagnosed with Medulloblastomas.

The good news is that doctors and researchers are working very hard to find better treatments for all forms of pediatric brain cancer.  In the future, they may even be able to find a cure.  The following places specialize in the latest treatment and research on pediatric brain tumors:  St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The North American Brain Tumor Coalition, The Brain Tumor Society and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation  They also give plenty of support to families who have children suffering from brain cancer.

At just two years old, Brody, a little angel, teaches us the true meaning of the holiday season.  Since observing Christmas was his last wish, he is wise beyond his years.  He truly cherishes his family, friends and neighbors.  Let’s pray that they find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, so that little angels like Brody will be able to fly.