Lion King, which is a remake of the 1994 film, is far better than the first version.  Using the latest technology of photorealistic computer animation, the characters in this film are as real as those that you would actually see in the wild.  The lions, elephants, birds, zebras and hyenas, as well as many other animals, are seen in their natural habitat.  Since younger audiences see how these wild animals really live, they get an education when they see this family film.  Because the plot of this movie is dramatic, with the murder of Mufasa, the real life portraits of lions are far better than the cartoon characters from the original film that may even seem comical.

The remake of the Lion King remains true to its original plot, but it is enhanced with much more realistic animation.  The sights and sounds of the jungle in this second version of the film are far better.  When young Simba looks at the stars with Mufasa, his dad, those stars really sparkle like they do in the night sky.  When the adult Simba looks at the stars and is guided by the ghost of Mufasa, those stars have such a magical effect that was not seen in the original film.

In the second version of the Lion King, James Earl Jones, who is the voice of Mufasa, makes the remake of this movie come to life just like he did in the original.  He is the best voice actor of this movie giving Mufasa his strong character that Simba inherits.  Eventually, Simba returns home to protect his pride and end all the corruption that Scar has unleashed.

Not only is the animation better in the remake of this film, the 2019 adaptation of the Lion King has better music.  Renowned musicians Elton John and Beyoncé Knowles Carter worked together on the songs for the Lion King, and they certainly made beautiful music together.  In addition to her musical talents, Beyoncé was also the voice of Nala in the film.  Nala is Simba’s childhood friend who later on becomes his mate.  “Spirit” is an original song performed by Beyoncé in this film.  Released on July 2019, Beyoncé also produced and created an album called: The Gift which includes the hit song, “Spirit” and other songs inspired from the Lion King.

Even though the Lion King was the most expensive film ever made with a budget of $260 million, it has grossed $1.466 billion worldwide.  The remake of the Lion King is the highest grossing animated film ever made.  With such success at the box office, Walt Disney can certainly say: hakuna matata.

After seeing the remake of the Lion King, hopefully children will take an interest in helping to combat climate change and protecting endangered species.  Unfortunately, lions are endangered, and Disney deserves praise for taking steps to save them.  Through the wonderful world of the latest animation, children can finally see reality that may even inspire them to become animal advocates.  After all, the world would be a lonely place without Simba and his pride.