Learning online is a faster and more efficient way of learning.  Since many adults are busy with their jobs, and some are even parents caring for young children, studying at online colleges is as simple as using their computer without having to leave their home.  They will save money, for they will not have to commute and spend money on new clothes for college.  Since they save time, they will be able to spend more quality time with their families.

Not only is online learning good for adults, it is also great for kids.  As youngsters learn by reading from computers, it becomes less monotonous than having to stare at a blackboard all day long.  When kids take exams on the computer, it is like a game for them.  Typing on the computer also helps students hone their typing skills, so it will much easier for them to finish their term or research papers when they go to college.
During the quarantine, youngsters certainly benefited from learning online.  They did not fall behind on their schoolwork because they were learning online.  They also kept save from COVID because they were able to study at home.  When a child gets sick, getting their lessons online means that there are no more excuses for not completing their schoolwork.  Long gone are the days when kids said, “The dog ate my homework!”

Today’s kids haven advantages, due to online learning, that previous generations never had.  When I was a youngster, I remember going to the library and searching for a book using the card catalog.  I always found this task to be do tedious.  Since you had to look through each card to search for the title or author of the book, it took plenty of time to find your book. 
Thankfully, this generation no longer has to wait so long to acquire knowledge, for learning online puts knowledge at their fingertips. 

Card catalogs in libraries are long gone, and they are replaced by the efficient and fast computers.  Now youngsters are able to find a book by typing the title or author in the search engine of the computer.  Children are even able to do a book search using their cell phone.  They can even download books from the Kindle app.  The possibilities are now endless thanks to modern technology.

Like many of you, I have reaped the benefits of online learning, and I know that it works.  When I applied to the Examiner.com, an online publication that was based in Colorado, I began my online learning experience that really improved my writing.  I also learned how to use the computer and the internet well.  The editors, of the Examiner, communicated with me via emails and links on the Examiner site.  I carefully studied and read all the information on the links.  I even saved  information, from those links, on my email because I still refer back to them.  Those tips, from the Examiner.com editors, always had invaluable information that taught me how to become an online writer.

Online learning also helps you make friends worldwide and develop socially as you learn about different cultures.  Social media breaks the barriers of social distance.  However, you must remember to choose your friends wisely to have a successful social online learning experience.

On September 15th, we celebrate National Online Learning Day. We should all be grateful for online learning, for it has given us many benefits that we would have never acquired from traditional learning.  We should also look forward to new ways of learning that may even take online learning one step further.