Since I almost lost vision in my right eye due to an accident, Home Eye Safety Month really hits home. I remember the carefree Friday afternoon, in early January, when my accident occurred.  I plugged my radio into the outlet and bumped into a plant that poked my right eye.  At first, I felt just fine and did not feel a bit of discomfort.  The next day I saw that my right eye was completely red, itchy and infected.  I just thought it was pinkeye since I had that infection several times.    

However, my eye got far worse.  I even started losing sight in my right eye, and I became anxious.  Instead of going to the emergency room right away, I went to the eye doctor.  When the ophthalmologist examined my right eye, she was really worried.  She said, “You have a jungle in your eye.  You need medicine, and you need to go to the emergency room immediately.”

As I left the eye doctor, I could still not believe what had happened.  The power of faith helped me so much during my ordeal.  I prayed so hard asking God to help, not only myself, but all those people who suffer from eye injuries and other vision problems.  When I arrived at the hospital, all the nurses and doctors were so caring and sensitive.  They all helped me relax.  The doctor examined my eye, and she gave me antibiotics.  I was advised by the doctor to go to an eye specialist for a follow up visit.

Seeing the world from my right eye was like a kaleidoscope that lacked its brilliant colors. I saw that 50 percent of my eyesight, from my right eye, was simply vanishing into the darkness.  At that moment, I realized that having the ability to see is truly a gift that some of us take for granted.

When I went to the eye doctor, he clearly explained to me what happened.  He said that I suffered a corneal abrasion due to my accident.  He said that this is a common accident, and he even told me about a lady who poked her eye with a bamboo plant.  He looked into my eye, and he saw that I had an inflammation, so he gave me an even stronger antibiotic to fight the eye infection.

As I put the drops in my right eye, I saw that my eyesight improved.  It took nearly three months for my vision to be restored in my right eye.  It was an emotional moment for me when I was finally able to see clearly from my right eye.  The eye specialist advised me to never keep objects in my home that can cause eye accidents.

I was very lucky that my accident only resulted in a corneal abrasion.  If I would have injured my retina in the accident, I would have suffered permanent eye damage.  As a result of eye injuries, many people lose their vision or even become permanently blind.

During Home Eye Safety Month, we are informed about how to prevent eye injuries.  Surprisingly, eye injuries are most likely to happen in the home than anywhere else.  Nearly 50 percent of 2.5 million eye injuries take place in the home.

The good news is that you can prevent eye injuries by following safety tips.  When you do garden work or any type of handyman work, always wear protective goggles.  Remember that any particle, debris and even dirt can permanently damage your eyesight.  Always have lighting in stairways to prevent eye accidents as well as other injuries.  When you are cooking with oil, use a protective cover to prevent oil from splashing into your eyes.  Keep your home clutter free to prevent eye injuries.  In addition to these safety tips, there are many other measures implemented during Home Eye Safety Month to help prevent eye injuries.

During the three months that I was unable to see from my right eye, my heart grew so much.  In fact, I was able to see life as I had never seen it before.  When my vision in my right eye was finally restored, I became a far better person than before.