Hillary Clinton refusing to discuss her health

Hillary Clinton is entering the final stretch, but questions have risen about the status of her health. Hillary’s health is a topic on the trail. Supporters and close aides have seen Clinton act erratically while possibly experiencing seizures and coughing fits.

Doctors spotted a severe blood clot in her head and admitted her to a local New York hospital. Doctors most recently admitted Clinton to a hospital after a follow-up exam found another blood clot. Drudge Report reported her health missteps and photos of aides helping her up the steps of a private home. Drudge Report clearly intended to question whether Clinton is ailing.

Former Trump aide Roger Stone told Breitbart that he also was aware of Clinton’s health problems.

A number of New York Democrats, very prominent, well-known, wealthy New York Democrats, told me last year that Hillary had very significant health issues and that they were surprised that she was running in view of her health problems and her lack of stamina,” Stone told Breitbart News. “So far, she’s run a very controlled campaign,”

Campaign staff are concerned about her health. WND reports several coughing fits that Clinton had and her refusal to answer questions about them, which cause many to question whether her campaign is hiding her health records.

These details emerge just a day after the American Psychiatric Association has told its member not to call presidential candidates mentally ill, envisioning recent allegations involving Donald Trump.

As The Hill notes, “many question whether Trump has a personality disorder.” John F. Kennedy was asked by Johnson in 1960 whether he suffered from Addison’s disease. JFK denied it, saying he was “the healthiest candidate for president in the country.”  Furthermore, Robert Kennedy declared that his brother does not have the disease.