Helicopter flights enable tourists to get a breathtaking view of New York, but they can also be very dangerous.  Earlier this month, a helicopter crashed on the roof of an office building on Seventh Avenue on June 10, 2019, and it burned.  Tim McCormack, who was the pilot of the chopper, was the only fatality.  As a pilot who worked for American Continental Property for years, McCormack was a seasoned pilot.  If his helicopter would have crashed into one of Manhattan’s busy streets, the accident would have been catastrophic.  By all accounts, McCormack acted responsibly saving others who were in the imminent path of the helicopter crash.

Even the most experienced pilot, who has all the qualifications, can cause a disaster if a chopper lands in a densely populated area such as New York.  In order to avert future accidents, helicopter flights should be prohibited in New York since we know that these flights can pose a hazard to passengers on board and to the public.  New York already has more than enough traffic congestion, and chopper flights only add to the gridlock.  Serving only tourists as joy rides, helicopter flights are completely unnecessary.

Ever since 1982, 25 people died in 30 chopper crashes.  If helicopter flights would have been outlawed, 25 lives could have been salvaged.  Do you think that helicopter flights should be forbidden?  If you think that chopper flights should be banned, then you are not alone.  Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, as well as nine members of congress, are considering banning helicopter flights until tougher regulations are implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Despite the fact that this chopper accident was not that severe, it still gave many New Yorkers a panic. In addition to interrupting their daily routine, the majority of New Yorkers remembered the 911 attacks after the chopper crash.

Helicopter flights are not the only means of sightseeing in New York.  Rides by boats, such as the Circle Line, are one of the most relaxing ways to see one of the world’s most famous cities. You can even see a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline by riding on a ferry without the hefty price tag.