Halloween is a fun holiday that children truly love.  Youngsters dress up as their favorite characters on Halloween.  They can also go trick or treating and get candy.  There are also many parties on Halloween where children can play spooky games, dance and show off their unique costumes.  Even pets, dressed up in costumes, can also participate in all the festivities of this spooky holiday.  Since you are never too old to celebrate Halloween, some adults also dress up like their kids and accompany them as they go trick or treating.

Even though all Halloween celebrations are exciting, there are times when this scary holiday is even more enjoyable.  When Halloween falls on a weekday, it is a rushed celebration.  The kids cannot stay out late trick or treating because they have school the next day.  Since most parents work on the weekdays, many youngsters must go trick or treating by themselves, which is not really safe, especially for younger children.  The parents are not there to see which homes they get their treats from.  The youngsters will eat their candy before the parents can inspect it.  Some children may even eat too much candy and get sick without parental supervision.

When Halloween takes place on a weekend, the entire family can participate in the celebration.  Since most parents do not work on the weekdays, they can accompany their children trick or treating.  They can make sure that they go trick or treating to homes where they are safe.  After the kids finish trick or treating, the parents can inspect the candy and make sure that their children do not eat too much candy.  Since the parents will also have the time to get dressed up in costumes and accompany their children trick or treating, they can make this scary holiday a really fun family celebration.

Having a Halloween party on Saturday is also great because the kids will have no school the next day.  Since they do not have to wake up early the next day, their party will be longer and they will have more time to dance and play games.  The parents will also be able to supervise all the activities at the party to make sure that their children stay safe.  They will also have time to read to tell their children spooky stories before they go to bed.

If you agree that Halloween should take place on the last Saturday of October, instead of October 31st, there is a petition circulating online from Change.org.  Created by the Halloween Costume Association (HCA), the HCA wants Halloween to take place on the last Saturday of October, so that parents can keep their children safe.  The HCA petition first appeared on Change.org in 2018 and has already garnered thousands of signatures.  If you celebrate Halloween and are concerned about the safety of your children, you may consider signing this petition.