A green bear is a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, for it represents the green landscape of the Emerald Isle and a  youthful spirit.  Since St. Patrick’s Day will spoon arrive, we are seeing many green beard on online shopping sites and in department stores.  Awakening the inner child in all of us, a green bear makes a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day.  

There are so many varieties of green bears such as stuffed animals, resin figurines and porcelain figurines – – just to name a few examples.  Based  on the Irish legend, there are also green bears dressed like leprechauns.

Like many bear lovers, I have my own bear collection, which includes miniature Boyd Bears and Beanie Babies.  Erin is my favorite Beanie Baby because it is an Irish bear with a lucky shamrock.  I also have the larger version of Erin from the Beanie Buddy Collection.  Created by businessman H. T. Y Warner, Beanie Babies were a really hot toy and collector’s item in the late 90’s.  Even today, Beanie Babies are still popular.

If you love green bears, now is the perfect time to make one for St. Patrick’s Day.  Erin was the bear that inspired me to create my green bear using chenille stems.  The process that you will follow is the same that you used to make the bear cup. This time you will use green chenille stems and fuzzy stems to make your Irish bear.

The only step that will change is that you will decorate the cup with a shamrock instead of a heart. Form three small hearts using the green chenille stems and fill each heart neatly.  Use the scissors to cut the green chenille stems.  After you fill in the three hearts, put them together to form a shamrock and link them together with a chenille stem. You now have a shamrock. All you need to do is add the stem to the shamrock by bending a small piece of a chenille stem.  Link your shamrock to the cup with a chenille stem. The shamrock on the cup is very important for this craft project since it is a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day.

Since it is Irish Heritage Month and National Craft Month, it is an ideal time to create a green bear that will add the Irish spirit to your home.  As you get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, hope this green bear brings you the luck of the luck of the Irish.