A graduation bear, inside a bear mug, is the perfect gift for any high school or college graduate.  The graduation bear will be a cute decoration for the dorm room.  Filling the mug with coffee or any other hit drink will keep students awake during long study sessions.  As they engage in the competitive job hunt, college graduates will also fill the big mug to the brim.

The next best thing to receiving a graduate bear as a gift is making your very own from chenille stems.  Surely this will be a fun project for everyone, especially for high school and college graduates. 

For this project, you will need chenille stems, tinsel chenille stems, pom poms, googly eyes, craft glue and scissors.  You will follow the same steps that you did when you created the green bear, but you will make a larger mug.  There will also be some additional steps to follow to make your graduation bear.

In order to create the cap, make a cube ,with chenille stems, by connecting two circles together.  Fill in the cube with chenille stems.  Make a square, from chenille stems, to create the mortarboard and fill it in with chenille stems.  Connect the square to the cube with chenille stems to finish the graduation cap.  Glue the mortarboard on the head of the graduation bear.

After the cap dries up on the bear’s head, you are now ready to make the tassel.  Use tinsel chenille stems to create the tassel so that it will stand out.  Take several tinsel chenille stems and make a knot to hold them together.  Attach the tassel to the mortarboard.

Make the diploma from tinsel chenille stems.  Make a square using the tinsel chenille stems and neatly fill it in.  Roll the square like a paper.  Make a bow to attach the rolled diploma to the bear’s mug.  Instead of creating the bear’s nose from chenille stems, you will use a pom pom for the nose since it will be more suitable for the bear’s bigger face.

You can choose any color that you like to make your graduation bear cup.  I chose green because I see this color as symbolizing infinite possibilities and a bright future for the graduates.

Since a college degree is invaluable, I made the diploma on my bear mug gold.  Since many good jobs require a college degree, a college diploma is priceless.  Even if life throws many curveballs at you, a college degree is something that no one can ever take away from you.

As you create your graduation bear, you will choose the colors that have special meaning to you.  Making your graduation bear will certainly help you relax and enjoy summer after such a challenging school year.  Congrats to all the graduates and happy crafting.