A flower cross is a symbol of spring, for all the blossoms, which were dormant in the winter, begin to bloom once again.  As a Christian, I see the flower cross as symbolizing Jesus resurrection into heaven.  I believe that the rebirth of nature, in the springtime, is best represented by flowers.  Since the glorious hands of God created the wonders of nature, a flower cross is a symbol of Easter as well.

My inspiration to create my flower cross came from observing the church altar, decorated with a myriad of spring flowers, on Easter Sunday.  Instead of using lilies, I used roses to embellish my cross in order to make it a symbol of summer as well.  For this project, you can use any type of flower.  In order to create your flower cross, you will need foam flowers, a pack of tinsel chenille stems, scissors and glue.

The first step is to create the bars of tge cross with chenille stems.  You can use any color of tinsel chenille stems that you like.  The process that you will follow is similar to making the shamrock cross.  However, this time you will only need to create two bars for the cross since the flowers will give the cross dimension.  After you will in the bars of the cross and attach them together, you are ready for the next step.

Creating a base for the cross is the second step of this project.  Make a small circle and fill it in with chenille stems.  Attach the circle to the bottom of the cross and make sure that the cross stands firmly.

The final step is to glue the flowers to the cross.  I used ten roses for my cross.  Depending on the size of your cross, you may have to use more roses.  I also decorated both sides of my cross.  Decorating both sides of the cross is optional.  Have patience as you put each flower on the cross.  Make sure each flower dries up before you place another flower on the cross.

Once all the blooms on your cross dry up, you are now ready to display your cross.  During Holy Week, use your flower cross as an inspiration for prayer or religious meditation.
Even though the Christian cross has even more significance for Christians  during Holy Week and Easter, the cross has always been an invaluable symbol of Christianity.  Ever since the 6th century AD, Christians have used the crucifix image of the cross.  During religious services, Catholics, Orthodox Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, Lutherans and Christians make the Sign of the Cross.

The Christians cross is open to many artistic interpretations as each culture sees the cross differently.  No matter how the cross is embellished, whether it is a flower cross or not, the Christian cross always represents love, faith and hope.