The Harvey Weinstein types are being protected

Today I wanted to talk briefly about what everyone in the media has been talking about right now and that is Harvey Weinstein scandal along with the other recently named Hollywood elitists who are accused of sexual harassment. I specifically want to touch on why it took so long for people to figure out what was going on or rather to admit what was going on.

If you don’t know, several women have now come forward and accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment or assault, and no this is not some crazy feminist accusation campaign like we’ve seen before. There are actual recordings of him admitting to his actions of groping women without their consent and pressuring them and it’s just a disgusting weird incident overall.

What makes it more strange is that it really seems like this is something that was hidden within plain sight, actors were literally joking about this at the Oscars and they even had episodes of 30 Rock where they mention him being a predator multiple times.

It’s now coming out that top figures and organizations knew about his behavior for a long while yet none of them blew the whistle until now. So to fully understand the scale of this, consider the fact that it literally took hundreds of people being complicit, huge amounts of cash settlements, and serious legal threats, and agreements to keep people quiet for all these years.

You think that maybe these things would hold this off for a year or maybe two and it wouldn’t get out for that period but eventually someone would speak out, but no they managed to keep this going on for decades so how did they do it? What is the reason, well I think there are a few things to go over here but first things first I’d say that this is a rule that applies to almost every industry in the public eye, and it’s one of the biggest factors in why things we call conspiracies are able to happen and that is the fact that it’s better to be wrong too late than to be right too early.

So, essentially the idea is that, the first people to speak up about an issue tend to be left beaten and blood in the corner by the media or the insiders they spoke about and they’re forgotten about essentially because they were right too early, they were called conspiracy theorists, their careers were discredited and they were kicked out of their industry for betraying it. They rarely ever get credit later for being the first to speak up even when they are vindicated.

People just forget about them, they are the forgotten vanguards that pushed the Overton Window (i.e. the window of what’s acceptable to discuss) and they pushed it just enough that maybe one day eventually the issue they discussed will be popular enough to speak about but not enough for them to be taken seriously at the time. It’s only after those vanguards come out and put their head on the chopping black that the more careful and calculated people with more pull and fame will speak out.

Those who have retained their public respect by never being the first, later will talk about the issue. It’s a broken system but it’s the one we live in and it’s one that applies to everything in the political world. there’s a reason you’ll never see someone on Fox News push the Overton Window, they wait to see the impact it has on others the canary in the coal mine so to speak.

Those of us in political commentary on the internet kind of see it as the Tomi Lahren effect. She’ll speak out about an issue or use a term like snowflakes, months after it has been popularized by internet commentators because at that point it’s safe to discuss and then a lot more people tend to follow her afterwards that are even more careful. And maybe sometimes the first people that spoke out will be vindicated and everyone will say they did a great job. In most cases they’re just left bloodied in the corner with their reputation tarnished and without a job.

Those in the mainstream that are now speaking up about it get the praise. It’s kind of like the bystander effect. If you don’t know what it is it’s a very scary and fascinating trend of human behavior observed by psychologists, wherein people are less likely to intervene or help someone who is the victim of a crime if there are other people standing and watching. In fact the more people there are the less likely they are to help because it’s a combination of I’m thinking someone else will do it first and also feeling pressure from everyone else that isn’t doing anything or isn’t saying anything.

People are very impacted by the behaviors of others and what is seen as socially acceptable so when tons of people in Hollywood know about Harvey Weinstein and no one is speaking up, well you’re not gonna feel very much like speaking up yourself in that case are you, and you certainly won’t feel safe or secure doing it. You’ll always be thinking at the back of you head there must be a pretty damn good reason nobody else is saying anything, despite knowing the same things.

I know if anyone has seen the new Tom Cruise movie ‘American Made’, you probably have a lot of the same questions you did in the Weinstein case, such as how in the hell did all this drug smuggling into America go on with the American government involvement in it, when there were so many hundreds of people thousands probably that knew about what was going on. How were so many people kept quiet for so long, well it’s as simple as very powerful people can get away with a lot if they have the right motivation like staying out of jail, keeping their job, or maintaining their high regard and public opinion, or even one of the biggest ones I think, making money.

I think the average person has a lot of trouble understanding or processing these large scandals because they don’t see themselves ever doing something like that. they don’t understand how a human being could be so awful, but the reality is there are a lot of terrible horrible people out there and Weinstein happens to be one of them who was very well-connected.

He was tied at the hip with the Democratic Party raising millions for Obama and Hillary Clinton which solidified quite the favor with them. He had serious pull with Hollywood. In fact a survey of nearly 1,400 Oscar acceptance speeches found that Weinstein was thanked more often than God so there you have it a mix of political Hollywood and mainstream media power combined with collective silence meant that Harvey got away with twenty years of sexual abuse.

While I do understand the sensitivity and wariness around pedophilia and assault conspiracies within large industries especially like government. Maybe it’s worth people taking a more sober and serious look at accusations towards the government and people like Jeffrey Epstein who have very legitimate cases made against them. After all if people are willing to cover up sexual assault on such a mass scale it really begs the question just what else are they willing to do for the powerful especially for the more powerful than Weinstein types.