England chowder is a thick broth and has a homemade taste of milk combined with clams.  During the winter, England chowder is better than at any other season of the year, for it certainly warms you up and is delightful for the taste buds.  In addition to clams and milk, England chowder also contains diced potatoes, onions as well as other vegetables.

Originating in the Eastern United States, clam chowder is a very popular soup in many US states.  New England white clam chowder, my favorite soup, was first introduced into the United States by French, Nova Scotian or British settlers.  During the 18th century, clam chowder became a part of the daily American menu and is still well-liked today.

Throughout the United States, many eateries serve good England chowder, but the state that has the top rank for England chowder is Massachusetts.  Obviously,  the secret for their great soup is found in their fresh and high quality clams.  Hard shell clams, which are called littlenecks, cherrystones or quahogs, are used  to create New England style clam chowder.  You do not have to travel to Massachusetts to find select England chowder, for clam chowder, made in Massachusettes style, is served in many diners across the United States.

When making your own clam chowder, feel free to add the ingredients that you like the best.  If you love seafood, add more clams to make your soup taste even better.  Do you have a palate for spicy soup?  If so, then add more peppers to your chowder.  Turning your chowder into a full meal means adding more potatoes. Even those who are on a strict diet can still eat chowder, for it is one of the few soups that is tasty without the salt.

As many Christians, such as Catholics and Orthodox, are observing lent, England chowder is certainly a heart meal, especially on Friday when these Christian sects must abstain from eating meat.  At any time of the year, clam chowder is certainly healthier than other soups that contain red meat.

Besides England chowder, there are many varieties of chowder suitable for any palate.  Anothet popular type of chowder is Manhattan clam chowder.  Instead of containing milk, Manhattan clam chowder has a tomato based stew as well as vegetables. The Portuguese immigrants, who lived in Rhode Island, introduced Manhattan clam chowder to the United States.

You can find a delicious bowl of Manhattan clam chowder at many restaurants, but the best Manhattan clam chowder is in New York.  If you have had a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder, made in New York, then you know that it is absolutely the best and no other tomato based  chowder can substitute it.  Kudos to all the New York chefs for putting very special ingredients in their Manhattan clam chowder! If you ever visit New York, do not leave without eating Manhattan clam chowder.

My second favorite soup is Manhattan clam chowder.  When the weather is more mild, especially during late spring and summer, Manhattan clam chowder is better than England chowder because it is a much lighter broth.  Since it includes all those tomatoes, it is certainly rich in antioxidants and garden-fresh.

As soup lovers, most of us have our favorite type of clam chowder, so we should participate in National Clam Chowder Day.  Enjoy your lunch or dinner by having a delicious bowl of clam chowder and savor each spoonful.  Since the workweek is almost over, eat your clam chowder as a pre-Friday celebration.