Eat raisin bread because it is not only delicious but also nutritious. You can have toasted raisin bread for breakfast with your favorite spread. You can also eat as a snack or even for brunch. Since it is a healthy food choice, you can eat raisin bread as a dessert. When it contains cinnamon swirls, raisin bread is even sweeter.

Across the world, many people love to eat raisin bread. Ever since the 15th century, raisin bread was made in Europe and it is still very popular today. In Italy, panettone is served, which is also popular in the United States. Wrapped up in holiday style, panettone is a raisin bread, resembling a cake, that is moist and rich. Depending on the country in which it was made, panettone has it’s own distinct taste. Panettone is so good that you will very likely have more than just one slice.

Stollen, a fruit bread that contains raisins, is another bread that many Europeans and Americans enjoy during the holidays. Created in Germany, stolen is a very tasty bread, and the powered and iced sugar, that coats stollen, gives it a very sweet and delectable taste. During the Christmas season, stollen is served on the dinner table. One of the many ingredients that made stollen so delicious are the raisins.

When combined with raisins, bread can satiate your sweet tooth. The good news is that raisin bread is actually good for you. Raisins are the ingredient that makes raisin bread so good for you and so tasty too. As a raisin bread lover, you probably already knew that, right?

All varieties of raisins are high in antioxidants. Golden raisins have more antioxidants than dried black raisins. Since raisins are low in sodium, they are good for people who have hypertension and elevated cholestoral levels. When replaced with unhealthy snacks, raisins help fight obesity. Due to the fact that raisins help control glucose levels, they are a good snack choice for people with type 2 diabetes. Consuming raisins also helps lower blood pressure and helps the digestive system. Raisins should be a part of our daily diet because they help keep our bones and joints healthy. Since they are rich in fiber, raisins are good for all of us whether we have underlying health conditions or not.

During National Raisin Btread Month, eat raisin bread because it is a healthy appetizer, dessert or snack to include as one of your holiday entrees. Do not worry if you eat more than one slice of raisin bread, for you can treat yourself on Thanksgiving. You deserve it and enjoy!