Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor Halloween Haunt is an annual tradition at the Long Beach Queen Mary.  Bringing visitors from throughout the southland for its Thursday night opening, Sept 29.

The six and half hour event began at 6 pm for a media preview with celebrity guests arriving for a walk down the black carpet and photographs.  Opening up to the general public by 8 pm.

Guests are greeted with complimentary photos taken in front of green screens by staff photographers.  With photo results ready to be picked up by the end of their visit as they exit the event.

Media guests were offered complimentary vodka shots at the VooDoo House bar by ghoulish waitresses. While monstrous zombies ran around playfully spooking guests out of their wits.  

Ghoulish Couple

Graceful Gale and her dead Sea Captain.

Scary mazes; such as ‘Circus’ with its ringmaster, ‘Deadrise’ with its dead sea captain, ‘Soulmate’ with a blood soaked 1920s bride searching for her mate, and ‘Lullaby’ with Scary Mary in her watery grave, along with two new mazes that have been added this year; ‘The Iron Master’ and ‘Intrepid’.

These are just a few of the many blood curdling maze tour experiences that has transformed the Queen Mary and the large dome, former home of the Spruce Goose, into the scariest places that will leave you screaming as you run for the nearest exit.

If scary mazes are not your thing, just relax at the R.I.P. lounge, Hookah Lounge or enjoy ghostly performances on the main stage.

Fire is certain to grab anyone’s attention as you feel the heat blasting upward from its furnace, advertising the sideshow tent with its strange and horrifying entertainment.


Zombie Crew

The VIP cabanas section with complimentary snacks is relaxing as you enjoy the staged freak show fire dance.  But beware of the ghoulish voodoo priests that come paying surprise visits to cast their spell on you.


The Long Beach Queen Mary is known for being one of the top ten most haunted places on earth says Time magazine.  People come from all over the country to stay on a haunted ship.  And Dark Harbor Halloween Haunt is a great time to visit during the month-long Halloween holiday.

The event runs from Sept 29 to Oct 31.  Ticket information can be found on the Queen Mary website:  www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor/